Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Project Life | Week 4

This week’s Project Life pages can be characterized as “the one with lots of Noodle photos and stories”, or “the one where I did everything digitally and printed them out”.  At the beginning of the year on Facebook, I said I was getting overwhelmed with all the Project Life inspiration, which led me to become indecisive about getting my pages done.  (I think I also mentioned this in my 2012 Title Page + Process post.)  To combat that, I have made a big list of all the techniques I want to do with my Project Life album.  Then each week, I just pick one to work on (at the most two).  This way I don’t feel overwhelmed and I can just get it done.  Plus, there ARE 52 weeks that I will be doing this, so I don’t see the need to pack everything I want to do into each week and burn myself out.  :)

Left page documents the Chinese New Year lunch I went to with my work friends; I made a set of 12 baby thank-you cards for a friend; and we had dinner with our friends Pete & Cass at Smashburger.

I continue to use my week numbers that I cut out in kraft paper with my Silhouette digital cutter.  The “January 2012” is a tag from Elle’s Studio.

I made some 3x4 templates in Photoshop this week.  This 3x4 Chinese New Year photo collage was made with one of them.

I printed out one of my favorite Instagram photos of Noodle.  The journaling card about Smashburger is one I made myself digitally using Kate Hadfield’s “Fast Food Doodles”.  I can’t find this particular pack at The Lilypad anymore to link you, but Kate’s “Al Fresco” also has food elements.

For the first time ever, I used a Design F page protector!  I wanted to put more 3x4 smaller photos and journal cards in, and more 3x4 little layouts I made myself in Photoshop.  This page had a lot of cute Noodle photos, because he did a lot of cute things this week.

The “1,2,3… Smile!” journal card is a free download from the awesome Miss Tiina called “Live Free: Love Life”.

Oh and I printed photos with a white border this week.  I like the look.  The quote is a download I found on Pinterest

Left is a photo to show the difference between leaving work in the dark and leaving work in the sunshine.  Right is a 3x4 little photo+words layout about Noodle I made in Photoshop digitally and printed out on matte photo paper.  I used a digital paper from One Little Bird’s “Westover” kit

I took a screenshot of my Facebook status about a major milestone at work.  I copied the screenshot into my 3x4 Photoshop template and added the title on top and the scribbled Facebook icon (free download from the internet).

I have another Week In Review journal card made using “Press Cards No. 1” by Paislee Press.  And the sushi collage on the right that you can see half of is another 3x4 collage I made in Photoshop and I cut out the restaurant’s logo from the chopstick cover and adhered onto the bottom.

Really enjoyed doing my Project Life all digitally this week and then printing them out!

Going forward I’m only going to include the digi items plus core Project Life kits in my supply list.  If you have questions you can leave a comment for me.

2012 Project Life | Week 4 Supplies:


  1. Wow, Noodle is taking over project life. I think he might be sticking his photos in while we're at work!

  2. Agree. I think Noodle has become a scrapbooker. And I love seeing your Project Life updates!

  3. Awe Noodle. You are one cute kitty.

  4. OH WOW!!! You are a girl after my own heart! Just found your blog accidentally on google looking for something else and just LOVE LOVE LOVE your digi-style for Week 4. Can I ask what font your are using on your digi-elements? I think I might be in love with that nearly as much as your gorgeous cat :)

    Look forward to checking out lots of your posts Christine - Cheers.

  5. Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The list of fonts I used is at the bottom of the post, along with other supplies.

  6. Ba ha ha! I'm hopeless! Think I got too excited about all your amazingness... I even looked at a few of those links at the bottom, how did I not see the fonts!
    I blame being pregnant - on which I am blaming a lot of things lately. Perhaps I need some chocolate...

  7. Ha ha Michelle, no problem! AND chocolate does cure everything! :)


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