Friday, May 28, 2010

Flashback Friday

So I saw a tweet from Matt Warshauer today. Matt is the bass player for a band called the 2am Club. They are signed by RCA Records and MTV has been buzzing about them. They played live at MTV this week. Anyways, I went to check out their video for "Worry About You" and I saw Mattie's face in there!

How do I know Matt? That's why this post is called "Flashback Friday"!
Todd played in the band The Northstar Session with Matt for a couple of years.

Here they are playing in the 2005 Rock N Roll Marathon.

Yes, Todd has played in two RnR marathons and hasn't run one yet! But he will be running the half marathon in about a week.

Matt, Matt, and Todd at our 10th wedding anniversary dinner cruise.

Matt Warshauer is the middle one.

On tour in Austin, Texas.

Playing at the famous Belly Up:

Official band publicity shots, courtesy of Rebecca Waer.

You know that rockstars don't really smile, right? :D

You know that Todd loves to smile and laugh, right? It makes me chuckle to look at all these band publicity photos of him not smiling, ha ha!

So anyways, flash forward back to today. Matt's band 2am Club's single "Worry About You" can be found on "Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 34" here! It's track #18.

And here is the video. Look for Matt!


  1. cool shots of Todd and his rockstar friends!!

  2. How can your husband possibly consider himself 'geek light' if he's been in a rock band AND has rock band pictures???

    Tell him that I'm sorry, but once he got the pictures taken looking all cool and stuff, he forfeited all connections to the geek club. :D

    Loved the video..great music is so hard to find these days!


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