Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I feel lately that I have so many things on my to-do list that it's paralyzing. I feel like I can't do any one of them well. I'm exhausted from trying to do them all, and losing patience with myself.

I'm not sleeping enough and it's not a good feeling. My typical day looks like this.

7:00am - get out of bed
7:15am - exercise, if I'm doing it in the morning that day. Or check emails & forums.
8:00am - shower
9:00am - get to work
5:30pm - leave work
6:00pm - exercise, if doing it in the evening
7:00pm - dinner + shower
8:30pm - work on digi-scrap CT assignments, my own designs, blog, pay bills, general internet waste of time, read, watch TV, etc.

Then suddenly it's past midnight and I'm exhausted, feeling like I got nothing done.

I definitely need more sleep. My friend Tracey tried sleeping more for three weeks, and it did wonders for her mentally and physically. It's gotta be a priority for me. Functioning on this level is not acceptable. I need to make some changes.
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