Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Todd Tuesday

It's Super Tuesday today. Did you vote yet? I voted a while ago because I vote by absentee ballot. Interested to see the outcomes... It's also "Super Todd" today. It's his birthday! Todd's parents are in town and we're going to take him out to dinner tonight. His mom made a cake too! I'll have pics to show soon. :) This is the second time that it's "Super Todd". Two years ago his birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday and we had a "Super Todd" party to celebrate his birthday and watch the game. I guess he's just super all the way around! One funny thing... Todd's parents played the sports games on Wii and they love it! Especially his dad. :) In other news... I've applied for a few Creative Team (CT) positions for digital scrapbooking designers, and I've been accepted by a couple of them! I'm so excited. It's the first time I've actually "competed" with my scrapbooking, and it's nice that others feel that my designs are worthy. So what's the job of a CT? You use the designer's items in scrapbooking layouts and upload them to various galleries so that other scrappers can see the items in use. It's me basically promoting the designers. In return, I'll get the items free of charge. I think that my creativity has been increased up a notch after doing the daily layouts for the challenge at Big Picture Scrapbooking for 31 days. I really needed to come up with a few different ideas when I was making a page a day! I'm still making a page a day and it's been fun. I've even pulled out older photos to scan and use in my designs.

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