Thursday, February 28, 2008

Smell of fresh cut grass

Today is seriously a beautiful day! I woke up with the sun streaming through the windows. It's warmer than normal for this part of the year here. I had my sunroof open on my way to work. I felt the sun on my face and smelled the freshly cut grass on the side of the road! What a way to start the day! Thank you God for this beautiful day. That you for the renewal of life that spring brings.


  1. Christine,

    Isn't it wonderful how God always knows just what we need? He is so good to us. I really enjoy looking at your work, and standing shoulder to shoulder with you on Lisa's CT when someone like me shouldn't be!!! I get many ideas from you. wink wink wink

  2. I love fresh cut grass! Glad you are feeling a bit better


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