Monday, March 3, 2008

Is spring here?

Wow, March is here! February flew by so fast, even WITH an extra day. I'm really enjoying the longer days and can't wait until we can go running at Miramar Lake again after work. We spent the weekend at my dad's house up in LA county. Because guess what? My dad got married! He married his girlfriend Shelly, whom he met in July. I'm really happy for him because I really don't want him to be lonely or alone for the rest of his life. And this was what my mom told me she wanted, two nights prior to her passing. They had their wedding banquet at the Hilton in San Gabriel. It was really nice. Joyce flew in from Dallas so I got to see her for two days, which was super-exciting! I also got to see a bunch if my dad's old friends and that was fun too. Of course, I got to eat a lot of great food, which is a huge bonus. I love Chinese banquet food. I took some photos but not many of them turned out very nice, so I'll just show this one for now, until I can get better ones from others at the banquet.
I also made a page of a picture of me and Joyce at the banquet:
Full credits can be seen here.
In other news: I was approached by the Jan Crowley/Queen of Quirk at Oscraps to be on her creative team! I accepted of course, because I like her designs. I'm really excited and delighted to be part of her team. :) Just wanted to share a couple more layouts I made recently. This one was for Sweet Genevieve Designs:
Photo by Melissa Koehler. Full credits can be seen here.
Full Credits can be seen here.
Full credits seen here.

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