Thursday, October 11, 2007

And I ran, I ran so far away

Well, not really that far, just 3.8 miles. After work we went to Miramar Lake to run. The weather was nice, perfect for running (not too cold, not too hot). The sun was on its way down the horizon. I ran well, but I felt funny and my limbs felt tingly, which alarmed me. It felt like a panic attack might happen. But it didn't happen, so I'm thankful. Ever since the rollercoasters at Knott's Berry Farm on 9/29, I feel like my brain's wires got re-tripped and I've been more on -edge than I had been. I think I took a step backwards in this brain-rewiring process. So the lesson learned is that I need to be careful about some adrenaline pumping activities, like rollercoasters, and skydiving. And who knows what else. I'm already a very defensive driver as it is. But when my brain is hyper-alert, I jump when someone pulls out in front of me, or if someone backs out of a space in the parking lot too fast while I'm in the lane. I jump. This heightened sense of alertness is also not as fun for sleeping. This too, shall pass. I know that. I have faith that with some self-cognitive behavioral therapy, and my medication, that I will be just fine.


  1. Hi, Christine:
    我是四姑姑,我上了妳的blog,看到好多妳和Todd的照片,我很羨慕也很欣賞妳和Todd的life style.我喜歡那張妳抬頭仰望Todd的照片,妳的眼神看起來充滿幸福快樂。

  2. hi from norcal! sorry i have been so busy/not checking blogs as much in the past month. things have gotten busy with thomas & church and at the end of the day, i am just pooped.
    we are going to be in LA Oct 25-29. let us know if you're in town and we'll give you guys a call!

  3. p.s. i'll pray for your health too. sleep is so important to wellbeing. but i agree that God works in many ways to bring us healing and sounds like you have Him dialed in. pray for it to pass quickly!


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