Monday, October 8, 2007

Once More With Feeling... backwards!

Ahhh. We had a great weekend! The weather was perfect. It was sunny, blue-skies, and 75-80 degrees. Perfect San Diego fall! Can't ask for better than that. :)

So, let's recap the weekend in reverse order, shall we?

Yesterday we had our girls get-together to welcome AJ & Meera's baby, Andon. It's a little shower from us home fellowship girls. We had desserts/treats at Market Street Cafe & French Bakery in San Marcos. It had been a LONG time since the five of us were able to get together. It was SO good to see them, and reminded me of how much I've missed all of us getting together. Of course, there was LOTS of girl-talk about pregnancy, birth, babies, nursing, potty-training, etc. Stuff that everyone else but me has had experience with. But that's okay! I like hearing about them, even if I don't have those experiences. Especially since when I see the girls talk about it, their faces light up and they're so full of joy and love talking about their kids.

Here's Denice & Barbara - looking good!

Meera looking radiant!

Some new toys for Andon!

Cute new pajamas for mama!

All five of us: Denice, Barbara, Meera, me, Jen

We had such a fun time chatting. Before we knew it, three hours had passed and it was time to go home. I look forward to getting together with them again!

The Chargers finally won BIG yesterday, beating the Denver Broncos at Denver 41-3! Finally they're playing like they should be, with the talent that they have.

Sunday night Todd & I watched "The Bourne Identity". It was okay. I don't understand what the hoopla was about. The movie had virtually no plot. There was no character development for the main characters Jason Bourne and Maria, so I didn't know why I'd care about them as individual characters or together. I couldn't understand why they liked each other to begin with. It was mystifying.

On Saturday, we got up and watched ESPN College Gameday. Then went to get breakfast at Brueggers Bagels in Carmel Mountain. I got a sausage egg & cheese bagel sandwich. Todd got a cinnamon sugar bagel. Then we went home and watch some college football, all the while taking naps. It was so relaxing and fun. I just love lazy fall Saturdays with football. Then we headed out to the Clairemont Mesa area and had lunch at 168 Restaurant, inside the 99 Ranch Market. It was pretty yummy. We ordered a sauteed spinach and a deluxe pan fried noodles. Afterwards, Todd got some red bean cakes (the whole purpose of the trip!) and some boba tea.

We did some laundry, Todd did some music arranging, cleaned the house some, etc. Then at 5 PM it was the Buckeyes versus Purdue. Coming into the game, Purdue was averaging like 45 pts per game and had the #1 offense in the Big Ten. Don't tell that to the Buckeyes! We were playing at night at Purdue, and we still beat them 23-7. Then, the shocker of the season happened. Stanford, a 40 point underdog, beat USC 24-23! How could this have happened??? This put the Buckeyes at #3 ranking. Hip hip hooray!

Okay, the reason for the naps on Saturday was because we were up until 3 AM on Friday night! Why, you ask? Because the Buffy Musical Sing-a-long came to the Ken Cinema at midnight!

Todd, Sally, and I went and met at Lestat's beforehand. Then we headed to the Ken Cinema, where we were shocked to find the line to get in formed around the block! We got in, got our goodie bags, and waited for the show to start. It was pretty much sold out! The organizers did a terrific job with the pre-show fun. Then they put the subtitles on the song numbers and everyone sang along. It was like "Rocky Horror Picture Show", as we were given instructions and prompts where we used the props they gave us in our goodie bag at different times during the show, and where we yelled things out. It was fun, but I was so tired! We didn't get home until almost 3:00 AM!

So that was my fun weekend. Our halloween costumes arrived late last week, but I'm not telling what we're gonna be until you see our pictures later!

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  1. oh i am so jealous! i still watch a random episode now and then. it was a great show and joss is a great writer.


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