Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sensitive Soul I watched the first episode of Meercat Manor on Animal Planet, and I couldn't take it. They named each meercat in the family, and then one of them, Shakespear, got bitten twice by a poisonous snake, and he was really hurt. He limped home, which was pretty far away, and crawled into a hole and curled up. The narrator indicated he might not make it until morning. Prior to that, Shakespear had rescued his little brother from some vultures. I almost started crying, and I was angry at Animal Planet that they would name the meercat and make us feel attached to them, and then have one of them die. I was also angry that since they're keeping track and filming these animals, why didn't someone step in and help Shakespear when he got bitten by the snake?? I vowed to not watch the show anymore. A couple of days later, they had it on rerun again. So I pushed Info on my remote and the synopsis of the next episode came up. It said "Shakespear recovers from the snake bite..."! Shakespear's alive! So I might watch the 2nd episode. I've been through a lot the last couple of days. On Sunday I found out that my mom might have uterine cancer. It wasn't looking good cuz she was bleeding and had to go to the ER. The ultrasound did not detect any tumors, but both the primary care physician and the ob/gyn thought it might be cancer. She got a CT scan done and we were waiting for the results. I was so sad b/c I wasn't ready for my mom to go to heaven. I was also frustrated because I had told her for years that she needed yearly checkups and she didn't listen to me. I did some research and I was ready to do whatever was necessary to help my mom through the process, and push the doctors and medical establishments. Last night my parents called and said the CT scan did not reveal any cancer in the surrounding areas. That was GREAT news! We were SO excited to hear that. Mom will need a hysterectomy soon, but no cancer has spread! I slept like a baby last night, compared to two hours of sleep the night before.


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