Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Todd's band Blizzard is playing at Steve Westly's (democratic gubanatorial candidate) Primary Election Party tonight in LA. Apparently one of Westly's staffers gave him Blizzard's CD to listen to, and he liked it. Todd also played with The Northstar Session on Sunday at the Rock N Roll Marathon here in San Diego, at Mile 18. He's got another gig with them this Thursday night at the Casbah. Too bad I won't be able to go, because I have to get up at 4:45 AM that morning for my conference call for work! :-( I do have links to some pictures of his previous couple of gigs with Blizzard at the House of Blues, and with Kim Divine at Lestatt's. House of Blues wouldn't let me bring my camera in... I was so mad. AND they wouldn't let me in with Todd at the band entrance, I had to go in through their regular door! You have to get a photography permit to take pictures at the House of Blues. Then I saw a bunch of people taking pictures of the band with their cell phone cameras. How fair is that?? I don't have a cell phone camera. I wonder how long the show "Table for Three" will last on MyNetwork TV (the new Fox channel). Both "Desire" and "Secret" are filmed around here also. Todd was in an episode of one of those. They called him for a night shoot, and then he didn't even get fed! A couple of weeks ago, they called me for a funeral scene for "Table for Three", but it was the same night that Blizzard was playing at the House of Blues, so I couldn't do it. However, I did make a screenshot of my latest appearance on UPN's "Veronica Mars"... it's pathetic, I know. You can only see my back and my green jacket! But all the people on Veronica Mars are really fun to work with. The guy next to me in the blue shirt, he's usually a stand-in for Lynette's husband on "Desperate Housewives", and he's on Curtis' Ops Team on "24" a lot. He does this professionally, while I just do it for fun. I've been in a couple of scenes with Enrico Colantoni (from "Just Shoot Me" fame) now on Veronica Mars, and he always seems really fun too. Now that VM has been picked up for Season 3 on the new CW Network, I hope they'll call me a few more times for that.


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