Saturday, June 10, 2006

I always feel privileged when I run along the stretch of Hwy 101 between Cardiff and Encinitas. The view down the cliffs is breath-taking. It reminds me of why I live here. How I Feel When I Run On The Coast: 1. Free. 2. Small & insignificant - the sky & the ocean are so big. 3. Thankful - to be healthy and running in such a beautiful place. 4. Breezy - the ocean breeze on my face feels good when I run hard. 5. Even when I don't bring my iPod, Jack Johnson songs come to mind. 6. Hungry! I always go to Beach City Burrito after a good run! 7. Peaceful - there have been times when I run and run and run, and then afterwards had no idea what I thought about. 8. Healthy - breathing in the salty wet air and listening to the waves just makes me feel healthy. 9. Sweaty. ;-)
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