Monday, July 3, 2006

One of my best friends, Sally, got married over the weekend on a catamaran. Since the catamaran only fit 50 people, they couldn't invite all of their friends, so they had a cookout at Mission Beach on Sunday 7/2 to celebrate their wedding with many other friends. It was really fun except that it was a bear to get there. Everyone and their brother is vacationing in SD over the July 4th long weekend, and everyone was at the beach! We parked 2 miles away and walked. This picture is me, Julie, Sally, and Stacy, all friends since we were 12 years old at Foothill Middle School! It's so cool to have this mini-reunion and catch up. Sally's mom Zora and her dad William, and Julie's mom all remembered me from the teenage years. We spent a couple of hours on the beach, the breeze was nice due to the heat, and had hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks. It was really relaxing and fun.

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  1. more pics of the coastline in the future when you can... i'm living viariously through you the long-past beach lifestyle i used to have...


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