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September 2019 Favorites


Another month has gone by and it’s time to play favorites again! 

September 1st was my one-year anniversary of leaving work, so Todd and I celebrated by going to Pete’s Seafood, Extraordinary Desserts, and Mitsuwa Japanese market. 

20190901-2019-09-01 14.27.17_blog

I got to look at all the Japanese skincare products.  There were like two aisles of them!

20190901-2019-09-01 15.18.33_blog

And I picked out a few things, which Todd gifted me as my one-year-leaving-work anniversary gift.

20190901-2019-09-01 16.45.00_blog

On Labor Day, we went walking at the coast and it was just beautiful!

20190902-2019-09-02 10.57.18_blog

My old 7-year old computer was finally on its last legs, so we bought me a new computer.  It arrived on 9/4 and I LOVE it so far!  It was a pain to set up and install a new computer for a few days, but now it’s great.  Such a speedy difference to my old computer!

20190904-2019-09-04 13.09.04_blog

I had to go to the dentist on 9/9 to fix a filling that had chipped.  I got some breakfast afterwards at Jack In The Box and it was actually pretty good!

20190909-2019-09-09 09.28.32_blog

Ok, are you watching A Very Brady Renovation?  If not, you must!  I was so nostalgic I cried, LOL.  HGTV bought the Brady Bunch house (the one in the external shots on the show).  They are renovated the inside so that it looks exactly like the inside of the Brady Bunch house in the show.  They filmed on a soundstage, so the inside of the house wasn’t real before.  So great!  Brady Bunch was the first American show I watched when we immigrated to the US in 1979.  I watched the reruns every day after school.  It’s practically how I learned English, ha ha.  Which may explain why I was saying “groovy” in the early 1980’s still.  :D

20190909-2019-09-09 17.38.46_blog

We checked out a few new places to eat at Liberty Public Market.  I got the pork and chicken baos at Bao Bar

20190908-2019-09-08 12.16.31_blog

Todd got a BBQ plate at The Pig’s Gig.

20190908-2019-09-08 12.16.15_blog

Our trip to Malibu for Todd’s triathlon was so fun!  If you missed it, you can read all about it here, here, and here

20190913-2019-09-13 12.04.48_blog


Breakfast at Breakfast Republic!  They had some September specials that I wanted to eat.  Mainly the Eggies Classic Breakfast Sandwich and the Hazelnut Creme Latte!

20190915-2019-09-15 09.40.32_blog

20190915-2019-09-15 09.40.11_blog

After dinner strolls in our neighborhood with Todd.  We saw an incredible sunset one night.

20190915-2019-09-15 19.05.01_blog

Todd making regular popcorn and homemade caramel popcorn to bring to his book club meeting.

20190920-2019-09-20 08.04.16_blog

The skincare shelf reorganization.

20190920-2019-09-20 16.47.34_blog

The return of Pumpkin Chai Iced Latte at Circle K!  I bring my own travel cup and it’s only 99 cents!

20190921-2019-09-21 08.38.40_blog

The return of ESPN College Gameday and college football!

20190928-2019-09-28 09.06.20-1_blog

Skincare window shopping at the Hmart Korean supermarket.  I didn’t buy anything but had fun looking at everything!

20190921-2019-09-21 12.32.52_blog

The garlic naan bread at Bombay Coast

20190922-2019-09-22 12.25.02_blog

Todd bought the new iPhone 11 Pro Max at the Apple Store.  He knows an Apple employee who was able to get him a 15% discount.  He picked it up on 9/23 after dinner.  He told me the Apple Store was a zoo!  This phone has three cameras!

20190923-2019-09-23 20.12.31_blog

But guess what that means?  I get his 2-year old iPhone 8 Plus now!  I migrated to it on Friday and it’s huge and awesome!  I love hand-me-downs!

Todd got to go to Hotel Del Coronado two days last week for a conference.  It’s such a beautiful place!  He got to take a break and read outside.

20190924-2019-09-24 16.09.17_blog

Hang out with coworkers.

20190924-2019-09-24 18.12.45_blog

I made a new dish last week, Beef Kofta Meatballs with Roasted Vegetables.  The Middle Eastern flavors in the meatballs are insanely good!  I just love beef kofta at Middle Eastern restaurants, and I’m so excited that I can make this at home pretty easily now!

20190927-2019-09-27 18.15.53-1_blog

I got to have lunch with my friend Erecca at Gor Gai Thai on 9/17.  So fun to catch-up!

20190917-2019-09-17 12.42.26_blog

My standing monthly lunch date with my friend Anne was on 9/23.  We went to Grub.  I enjoyed our conversation so much!  Anne is an awesome writer and so fun to talk to.

20190923-2019-09-23 12.48.20_blog

We went up to our friends AJ & Meera’s house on 9/28 and made them dinner.  We made Chinese Chili and Scallion Noodles and added rotisserie chicken in there.   So yummy!  Everyone loved it.  But most of all, we love our good friends and we loved seeing them after a few months of lapse! 

20190928-2019-09-28 19.53.53_blog

20190928-2019-09-28 19.52.40-1_blog

The Noodle antics this month are very funny and off the charts.

I came down the stairs and found this... Fairly certain that something like this was the original inspiration for the Sistine Chapel ceiling...

20190908-2019-09-08 10.26.51_blog

Behold, The Lion King. Simba (Noodle) sitting high up on his rock (soft rug), surveying the vast land (living room) where he rules.

20190925-2019-09-25 10.17.36_blog

He managed to squish himself into a drawer organizer box that had fabric matrix in the middle! 

20190915-2019-09-15 21.53.46_blog

Todd cannot be left alone. 

20190920-2019-09-20 07.47.33_blog

And those are some of my favorites from September!  Always makes me feel blessed to capture these memories on the old blog.

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  1. You are certainly making the most of retirement, Christine.


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