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Fall Trip | Vancouver Day 4 Gastronomic Gastown Tour

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Continuing on our trip report to Vancouver… On Sunday 10/6 after we went to Stanley Park in the morning, we went on the Gastronomic Gastown Tour from 3-6 PM.  We booked the tour ahead of time, because we wanted to experience a foodie tour while in Vancouver, and this one is an official Canadian Signature Experience

We took the bus from near our hotel into Gastown to meet up at the Gassy Jack Statue on Carrall Street.  It was raining slightly but our spirits weren’t dampened by a little rain!  There were four other people in our tour group for a total of six.

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We walked around the Gastown neighborhood and checked out the Woodward’s Building.

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Our first stop was at Meat & Bread, Vancouver’s top sandwich place. 

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Our tour guide Jesse led us into the restaurant.  They had a table prepared for us and we sat down. 

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For this tour, there was the non-alcohol version and alcohol pairing version.  We thought that meant we didn’t get any drinks, but that wasn’t the case!  Each restaurant actually prepared non-alcoholic mocktails for us!  At Meat & Bread, we got a lemon inspired mocktail and a crispy porchetta sandwich. 


And boy was it good!  I could have eaten more of it if it weren’t for three more stops at other restaurants!  The pork was tender and crispy and the salsa verde and bread were top-notch.

We walked around and checked out more buildings in Gastown.

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We walked to our next stop, La Mezcaleria, a Mexican restaurant.  Being from San Diego, we came to this experience skeptical of having good Mexican food in Vancouver.  But they proved us wrong!

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At La Mezcaleria, they had a table ready for us.  We had a choice of three types of tacos:  beef, fish, and pork.  I chose the beef taco and it was actually really good.  Todd had the fish taco but I didn’t get a good photo of it.  Our non-alcohol drink pairing was Horchata de Coco, which was an iced cinnamon and coconut milk horchata.  It was the most delicious horchata I’ve ever had!  They also served us house-made chips and salsa.


Our next stop was Tuc Craft Kitchen, a Canadian comfort food farm-to-table restaurant.

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The interiors were nicely designed and decorated.

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We had tempura bacon scotch egg, pork belly crackling, and crispy parsnip fries (not pictured).  Everything was quite good, but I got to eat Todd’s egg because he doesn’t like eggs.


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Our last stop was Wildebeest for dessert. 

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I can’t recall what our non-alcohol drink pairing was.  It was sour & bitter with lemon taste in it.  For dessert, we had the Silky Creme Brulee with Currant Flower Gel, containing locally harvested honey and currants.  It was delicious!


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The three hour progressive dining tour was very fun and one of the highlights of our trip to Vancouver.  Our tour ended at the Gastown Steam Clock, where we watched with the crowd as it turned 6pm and steam and music emitted from the clock.

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There was a David’s Tea right there on the corner of the street, so we stopped in to buy some tea.  We had ordered David’s Tea in the US a few years back and enjoyed the teas a lot.  They have stores in California but none are near San Diego.  We bought two types of tea to take home.

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