Monday, March 26, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–3/25/2018 Spring Break Edition

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I took three days off this past week to relax and recharge.  Todd took two days off with me and we had a mini-staycation in San Diego.  The weather cooperated and we really had a sunny & warmer nice couple of days! 

Here’s what’s making me happy this week, Spring Break Edition!

  • My day off alone, where I made myself a nice breakfast, stayed in pajamas all day, and chatted on the phone with Peppermint for over two hours!  We don’t usually talk on the phone (we IM and text almost every day though), so it was a lunch phone date!  I loved it.  I had to ask her if we were doing Facetime or just phone, because I told her I just wanted to wear pajamas and not put on makeup, ha ha.
  • Our Tuesday staycation where we went to lunch at Carnitas Snack Shack to celebrate Todd’s raise at work.  Everything was so good, including the chips & guac not shown!20180320-2018-03-20 11.47.07_blog
  • We drove over the bridge to Coronado.  Even living in San Diego, it feels like a vacation when we drive over the bridge to Coronado!  I just love the palm tree lined streets.  We were going to rent and ride a tandem bike, but they were all rented out by the time we got there.  So we just walked around and enjoyed the scenery and weather.  I felt so free, like I could breathe deeply again.  We also had ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop in San Diego, Moo Time20180320-2018-03-20 12.22.20_blog20180320-2018-03-20 12.24.53_blog20180320-2018-03-20 13.02.11_blog20180320-2018-03-20 13.02.45_blog20180320-2018-03-20 13.05.02_blog20180320-2018-03-20 13.07.33_blog20180320-2018-03-20 13.30.50_blog20180320-2018-03-20 13.59.59_blog
  • Todd’s homemade Asian-inspired noodles.  So good!20180320-2018-03-20 17.53.02_blog
  • We watched the movie “Coco” on Tuesday night and it was so good!  Really loved the music.20180321-2018-03-20 22.14.28_blog
  • It was warm enough to wear shorts! 
  • On Wednesday went to lunch at Macaroni Grill (Todd had a BOGO coupon), and hung out at the mall.  Then we went to a recently opened cafe called Mostra and had a latte and a brownie.
  • 20180321-2018-03-21 12.17.36_blog20180321-2018-03-21 15.01.14_blog20180321-2018-03-21 15.09.17_blog
  • We had banh mi sandwiches for dinner on Friday night.  Our favorite banh mi place also had an outdoor open mic that night.  It was kind of cold and nobody showed up early.  But we saw on their IG account that people showed up after dark to play the open mic, so we missed out by being too early.  We were hungry though!20180323-2018-03-23 18.49.47_blog
  • I got a really nice new full-length mirror from Target.  Todd hung it on the wall for me downstairs in our entryway.  Now I have great lighting for outfit photos, ha ha!  The background is our spiral staircase.  To the right (or left, since we’re looking at a mirror image) is our living room that we use for working out.  I love the new mirror and its location!20180324-2018-03-24 11.59.00_blog
  • Todd and I went downtown to Copley Symphony Hall for a jazz concert.  It’s the Lincoln Center Jazz band with Chick Corea, who is one of Todd’s long time favorite jazz piano players.  20180324-2018-03-24 19.55.35_blog20180324-2018-03-24 20.05.41_blog
  • Noodle being cute. 
  • 20180323-2018-03-23 22.36.45_blog20180325-2018-03-25 11.13.34_blog

I did work Thursday and Friday, but those are the best days of the week to work!  I could get used to this taking three days off and working two days per week, ha ha. 


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