Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Making Me Happy This Week–3/18/2018

20180312-2018-03-12 11.17.17_blog

Here are a few things making me happy this week:

  • Wearing colorful pants.20180312-2018-03-12 09.05.50-2_blog
  • Todd’s work coffeeshop is now selling boba milk tea.  AND Todd figured out how to do Instastories, ha ha!
  • 20180312-2018-03-12 18.27.55_blog
  • Super-busy time at work is finally letting up.
  • Chatting with my good friend and then just buying something she said she liked on the spot, on my phone, so that she could have it in 2 days (Amazon Prime for the win!).
  • My birthday gift from Todd.  I already had the Bowflex weights (Todd’s Christmas gift to me several years ago), but now I got the proper stand for it!  I’m starting back up with weight training.20180314-2018-03-14 10.50.54_blog
  • Finding out that someone else at my workplace is also in the PMT Style Challenge!  We can wearing matching outfits for 5 weeks starting on April 2nd, ha ha! 
  • Sugary treats at work.  We’ve had a ton of meetings so our admin has ordered a ton of food.  While I took these home and shared with Todd, it’s time to stop eating the “found food” at work, LOL.  I guess they make me both happy & sad at the same time!20180316-2018-03-16 14.46.45_blog
  • Todd’s new stir-fry recipe for green veggies.  LOVE!20180316-2018-03-16 18.33.43_blog
  • Noodle totally interested in the roasted chicken dish that Todd made, ha ha.20180313-2018-03-13 18.47.05_blog
  • Buckeyes getting in the NCAA basketball tournament for the first time in years.  And winning the first round.
  • Todd made lime bars for his work book club meeting on Friday.  Saved a piece for me.20180316-2018-03-16 19.36.36_blog
  • Todd and I both got paid our annual bonuses this week!
  • When one of your best friends sends you a lavender aromatherapy eye mask out of the blue, because you need it to decompress after a tough work day, which was almost every day.20180317-2018-03-17 08.51.26_blog
  • Todd watching the March Madness basketball tournament with Noodle.20180316-2018-03-16 20.09.26_blog
  • Lolitas tacos.  This shrimp one was particularly good.20180317-2018-03-17 12.11.38_blog
  • Noodle all tuckered out on Todd’s desk, LOL.  Oh, the paperwork!20180317-2018-03-17 11.06.27_blog
  • Yogurtland tart yogurt.20180318-2018-03-18 13.12.20_blog

I’m taking three days off this week (first multi-day of days off this year), so I’m making memories and hopefully have more happy things to share at the end of this week!


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