Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tour de Big Bear

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Saturday 8/5 was the big bike race Tour de Big Bear.  Todd signed up for the 50 mile ride, because that one has a 3,000 feet climb.  And it’s already going to be high altitude thin air, so 70 miles with a lot more climbing didn’t seem like it would be fun.  He trained a lot on weekend bike rides with friends and with the San Diego Triathlon Club. 

We got up around 6:30.  Todd ate the cinnamon roll he bought from Sister My Sister Bake Shop the day before for breakfast.  Then it was time to get ready.  After the bike was ready, we walked down together to the start line, which was only a few blocks away from where we were staying.  I wanted to take photos of him at the start line!

He’s the one in the dark orange, black, and white shirt.  The race started promptly at 8:30am.  It was 64 degrees and clear.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for the bike race!

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I walked back to Knickerbocker Mansion Inn and then had the French toast breakfast at the bistro.  It was their special of the day.

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They had their scone with orange butter again and it was so good.  Such a carb-fest!

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After breakfast I watched a bit of TV, showered, and packed up everything for checking out. After
checkout, I walked down to the finish line and spent an hour there and in the village. I wanted to surprise Todd with a treat, so I walked back to the North Pole Fudge & Ice Cream store and got a piece of Snickers fudge for Todd. 

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Todd took some photos during his bike ride in the mountains and around Big Bear Lake.  The views were pretty awesome!

20170805-2017-08-05 08.41.11_blog

20170805-2017-08-05 08.47.18_blog

20170805-2017-08-05 09.11.36_blog

At one of the aid stations.

20170805-2017-08-05 09.20.10_blog

More awesome views.

20170805-2017-08-05 09.32.52_blog

20170805-2017-08-05 09.35.46_blog

20170805-2017-08-05 09.51.14_blog

20170805-2017-08-05 09.51.24_blog

Todd kept me updated on his progress. He finished around noon and I was at the finish line taking video and photos.

20170805-2017-08-05 12.01.33_blog

With his finisher medal.

20170805-2017-08-05 12.03.29_blog

We walked back to the Knickerbocker Inn to clean up and pack the bike into the car.  Then we left Big Bear.  The drive out of the mountains was easier this time because it wasn’t pouring down rain! 

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We stopped at In N Out Burger for lunch.  Todd deserved a burger!

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It was a really fun getaway and Todd had a great time riding the Tour de Big Bear.  I’m so proud of him for doing so well in high altitude, and for training hard for the race! 


  1. I follow the work of Dr Tim Noakes from South Africa. Many endurance people are following his work to improve their performance. Big Bear is definitely on my bucket list.

  2. Sounds like it was a great little getaway.
    What a beautiful ride course too.
    Go Todd!!


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