Sunday, August 13, 2017

Torrey Pines Lodge & Wonderspaces

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In front of the “Sweet Spot” art installation at Wonderspaces.

Todd took the week off last week so we could have some staycation time in San Diego before going off to Big Bear for his Tour de Big Bear bike race.  We had a lot of fun together!  On Tuesday 8/1 we went to lunch at The Grill at the Lodge at Torrey Pines, and then went to the pop-up art exhibit Wonderspaces

The views at The Lodge were really awesome.  It’s right on the Torrey Pines golf course with a view of the golf course and the ocean.  The golf course hosted the 2008 US Open and will host it again in 2021.

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Todd had the hot smoked salmon plate.

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I had the Reuben sandwich.  It was very good!

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It was a slightly overcast and relaxing day.  Although not as relaxed as we would have liked, since we had tickets to Wonderspaces at 1:30pm.  We drove down to Mission Valley to see Wonderspaces, a temporary pop-up art installation. 

The entrance tunnel at Wonderspaces.

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We had some fun photo ops in front of the Sweet Spot, where thousands of colorful strings were hung up.

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And then Todd stood in front of Daydream V2.

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One of the cooler things was “Come Together”.  Come Together is a sculpture made of 2,165 precisely spaced wooden dowels that become pixels of an image from one vantage point.   The resulting image, a woman's fist, represents the strength of many working with common purpose. (Copied from the Wonderspaces website.)

20170801-2017-08-01 14.03.21_blog

You can only see the fist from a certain vantage point.  If you see it from other angles, it doesn’t look like anything, just a bunch of hanging tabs.

20170801-2017-08-01 14.00.53_blog

The ADA was cool too.  It’s an analog interactive installation inspired by Ada Lovelace, a pioneer of computer science. It is an interactive art-making machine, a helium-filled, membrane-like globe that is spiked with charcoals and floats freely in room, drawing on the walls.  You can go in and move the ball around and let it bounce.  The charcoal makes your hands REALLY dirty though.  Todd had to use a few of the provided wipes to wipe off his hands!

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There was an air dancer party outside and we had to participate!

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Wonderspaces was pretty cool!  If you live in San Diego, it’s worth checking out.  It’s a traveling show too, so maybe it will show up somewhere near you.

We did a few other fun things during our staycation…

Had lunch at Curry & More on Sunday 7/30.

20170730-2017-07-30 12.17.31_blog

20170730-2017-07-30 12.17.34_blog

Had lunch at Bongiornos in Encinitas on Monday 7/31.

20170731-2017-07-31 12.22.53_blog

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We tried to go to Moonlight Beach but it was completely packed.  There was no parking in the lot or the streets.  So we went to Nytro where Todd tried on triathlon clothes.  Then we walked down the street to Swamis.

20170731-2017-07-31 14.00.33_blog

Then Monday night we went to see Spider-man Homecoming.  I thought it was really fun!  I like a fun Spidey rather than a brooding Spidey.

On Wednesday 8/2 we took it easy.  Had lunch at Cenote Grill.  Todd was thrilled because he loves that place, and it’s not open on Sundays or Mondays. 

20170802-2017-08-02 13.11.01_blog

I had a chicken salad.

20170802-2017-08-02 13.10.53_blog

Then we packed up for our trip to Big Bear.  You can read more about our trip here and here.


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