Sunday, April 6, 2014

Waiting For Birds to Come

2014-04-05 09.26.46_blog

Spring is here.  Although, there’s not really four seasons in San Diego. There’s basically short-sleeve season and long-sleeve season.  It is supposed to get into the mid-80’s on Tuesday this upcoming week!  I love the above photo of Noodle on his window perch, looking expectantly out the window at the bird feeder, waiting for birds to come.

My company offered some employees the opportunity to take a retirement package.  It would be a slightly early retirement for some, but given the payout they were offered, some decided to take it. So on Tuesday 4/1, I went to a retirement lunch at Bucca Di Beppo for two of my friends from the finance department that I used to work in.

Walter told us how he’s looking forward to playing golf and going to the racetracks.

2014-04-01 11.43.08_blog

And Josie is looking forward to sleeping in!

2014-04-01 11.42.55_blog

We will miss them for sure!  There were many who took the package.  Going to work tomorrow will be weird without all those people I’m used to seeing at work!  I’m sad I was 17 years too young to be offered the package, ha!

Also on Tuesday, my friend Monika was on the Katie Couric Show in NYC!  Katie Couric contacted her after the SELF Magazine debacle and Monika agreed to share her story on the show. 


If you didn’t see it or DVR it, you can watch the segment here on Katie’s website.  Monika was so poised, gracious, and well-spoken!  Proud to call her my friend.

I got some gas for my car on Wednesday and was dismayed at how much a gallon of gas costs around here!  $4.27/gallon!  Yucky!  I don’t get gas very often because I have a short commute, maybe every three weeks.  So this was a shock.

2014-04-02 17.53.48_blog

I have all my photos printed for March Project Life, so I’ve been slowly working on it here and there.  Once the photos are printed, the fun part begins!

2014-04-04 17.02.35_blog

On Thursday night 4/3, Todd went to a sneak preview of the move “Draft Day” with AJ.  AJ got tickets because he’s a Chargers season ticket holder.  Meera & I joked that this was AJ & Todd’s “man-date”, hee hee.  The movie stars Kevin Costner and it’s about the Cleveland Browns NFL draft.  Todd is a big Browns fan because he’s from NE Ohio, so this movie was awesome for him. 


On Friday evening 4/4, we brought ingredients and drove up to AJ & Meera’s house to cook dinner for them, have dinner together, and watch a movie.  It’s our 2nd installment of “Dinner + A Movie”, but this time we did it at AJ & Meera’s house and not ours.

We made Pesto Alla Trapanese with added chicken.


Salad with blackberries, walnut, cucumbers, tomatoes, and mushroom.


And Meera baked some wonderful muffin-like chocolate chip cookies for dessert!




As usual, it was a blast to hang out with our good friends!



After dinner we watched the Disney Nature movie “Chimpanzee”.  AJ picked something family-friendly so the kids could watch it too.  It was fun!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend Pearl for brunch at Pacifica Breeze Café!  It had been a while since we’ve met up… I think back in early December maybe?  I met Pearl at a crop at a local scrapbook store back in 2011.  It was a crop organized for a bunch of us locally who subscribe to the Studio Calico monthly scrapbook kits.  We’ve been meeting up socially and scrapbook together sometimes.  I’m so thankful I met Pearl.  She’s become a good friend! 

2014-04-06 11.33.30-RL_blog

I had the asparagus brie omelet with potatoes and it was soo so good! 

2014-04-06 11.32.40_blog

The plaza in Del Mar where Pacifica Breeze Café is located is so pretty.  It has an ocean view and it was a gorgeous day today.

2014-04-06 12.53.28_blog

On my drive home on the PCH, I came upon the ocean view that always takes my breath away.  I have to admit that it’s days like these I feel like the high cost of living in San Diego is worth it!

2014-04-06 13.11.01_blog

It’s time to get myself together for another work week, and work on some Project Life.  Oh wait, I have a few more cute Noodle photos from this week!

Curled up on Todd’s lap while we watched TV.


Hamming it up for the camera on his perch.


Have a great start to your week!  :)


  1. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So much is always going on it your life. TFS. Also thank you for sharing Monika's segment with Katie. Monika is so poised and carries herself so professionally. I wish nothing but the best for her. I am so glad to hear SELF is discontinuing the BS Meter.

  3. I'm kind of shocked you only need gas every 3 weeks! I fill up probably twice a week, and I don't even do a lot of running around!

    1. My car is used almost only for my short local-street commute to work. When we go places together we always drive the other car. Todd fills up on gas a lot more often than I do! My car is 15 years old now, I've had it since 1999!

  4. We went to a sneak peek of Draft Day too. Did Todd like it as a Cleveland Browns fan? I never think to take photos at those kinds of things that we do. I really should. Happy to see your friend Monika on Katie getting some much deserved positive publicity!

    1. Hi Christi - I think I've trained Todd well, ha ha. When he does things without me, I usually send him off with a "Love you. Take some photos!". So he's been trained, lol.

  5. Thanks for the Link for the Katie Show. Monika was great. She will be in my prayers.

  6. Great post! What a beautiful view...if I lived in SD, I would never go to could find me on the beach..napping. ;) (maybe I'll take an early retirement package and move out your way...I'll have to talk to my employer about that! )

  7. I am slowly catching up with my blogs after a long trip back to NZ. I just wanted to say this post felt like a chat with an old friend. I love reading about how you spend your time and the crafting you squeeze into your schedule.

    1. Thank you, Claire! This comment made me smile! Hope you had a good trip back to NZ.


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