Sunday, April 13, 2014

Clap Along

20140412-2014-04-12 10.50.26_blog

Or jump along.  I can’t get the “Happy” song by Pharrell out of my head. Above photo was yesterday at the end of my three mile run by the coast.  Did someone say weekend? Beach? Running? Tacos?? Yaaaay!

Todd wanted in on the jumping too.


It was an overcast day along the coast, but it did not dampen our spirits.  Always a fun time running and seeing the ocean.

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20140412-2014-04-12 10.25.33_blog

20140412-2014-04-12 10.46.51_blog

Beautiful Moonlight Beach, where we ended up stretching after the run.

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After the run, we picked up lunch from El Nopalito. They have Todd’s favorite carne asada there.  And it’s really cool because you can buy 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz containers of just meat, beans, rice, guacamole, and pico de gallo.  We pick up tortillas there too and then bring everything home and have a feast. 

Every morning when I leave for work lately, I’ve been finding Noodle sunning himself in our exercise room downstairs. I love to go and pet his warm fur!

2014-04-03 09.13.53_blog

He’s also been hanging out next to the treadmill for some reason.  I’m guessing the sun heats up the black mat and he finds it warm and inviting, ha ha.  So cute.

20140408-2014-04-08 08.58.51_blog

Todd went to master’s swim class on Thursday and they did drills to establish their “cruise time” speed.  He was super-happy because his cruise time for 100 yards has improved by 10 seconds since two years ago when he was going to master’s swim regularly.  Go Todd!  Todd is training for another half Ironman this summer.  It is 70.3 miles, very grueling.  (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run.)  You can read about his first Ironman 70.3 here

Last weekend we saw the “Divergent” movie at the theater.  It was a good movie.  However, my desire to see the movie had waned after reading the third and final book, “Allegiant”.  I hated the book, lol.  Hated the ending.  So while I loved Divergent and liked “Insurgent” well enough, the final “Allegiant” sort of ruined the whole thing for me.  You can see my review of all three books here.

On Wednesday evening Todd and I met up at Karl Strauss for dinner after work.  Todd had a turkey bacon sandwich, his favorite sandwich there.

20140409-2014-04-09 18.00.12_blog

I had the meatloaf, which was their Wednesday special. Unfortunately I didn’t like the gravy.  It had beer in there and tasted too bitter!  I know… it is a brewery.  But still!  I don’t like beer, lol.

20140409-2014-04-09 18.00.05_blog

We’ve been watching our backlog of “Agents of SHIELD” on our DVR and finally caught up.  There’s only a couple more episodes for the season and it is GOOD! 

One of our favorite kind of date night is going to the bookstore.  We used to go to Borders bookstore in college.  Now we’re sad that Borders closed and we go to Barnes & Noble.  We decided to have a bookstore date on Friday night.  First we had dinner at The Kebab Shop.

20140411-2014-04-11 18.01.20_blog

Then dessert and chai latte at Barnes & Noble. 

20140411-2014-04-11 18.55.17_blog


Bookstore dates are the best!

20140411-2014-04-11 19.01.11-2_blog

Todd went on his Sunday bike ride, but without the group this time.  They are riding a hilly 60 miles and Todd doesn’t need to go that far in his Ironman training yet.  Today I’m paying mid-month bills, cleaning up my desk, and playing some more with Project Life.


  1. My niece has been accepted to both UCSD and UC Irvine. I think I'd better tell her to choose Irvine because SD is too beautiful to get any studying done. LOL. The green and blue is so pretty there. Trying to clean my craft room this afternoon but I am feeling like Noodle -rest, relaxing and sleeping. :)

  2. Don't you mean you can buy 1/2 lb containers? ;)

  3. Hi! I just wanted to stop and say hi - I've 'lurked' on your blog for a while, but wanted to say thank you for the great inspiration! I love the style of your project life albums, and you do such a great job capturing the everyday stuff of life. I have been struggling with PL/scrapbooking/memory keeping, and am hoping to find my groove, as you obviously have. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Lori! I'm glad you stopped by to say hi! I try to capture a lot of my everyday on my blog. Then when it comes to scrapbooking and PL, I don't feel so overwhelmed. :)

  4. We have a standing Sunday morning Barnes & Noble date. We don't always manage to get there but most times we do. Breakfast and hanging at the book store is just wonderful.


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