Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Where In The World Is Noodle?

Just like Waldo, Noodle can be found in many places lately.

I came home from work last week and found him trying to imitate that closet scene in the movie “E.T.”.
2013-11-07 17.16.51-1_600

I guess he really likes Gordo the Monkey.
2013-11-07 17.18.14_600

One morning I woke up and found him on our dresser.
2013-11-07 09.03.08_600

2013-11-07 09.03.19_600

And then another day I got out of the shower and found him in a strangely sunny spot under the bed.
2013-11-08 09.05.35_600

Let’s see, what else is going on with life?  I’ve been listening to the new Steven Curtis Chapman album “Glorious Unfolding”.  I always listen in the car on my commute.  And without fail, when I hear the song “See You In A Little While”, I start crying.  I miss my mom so much and that song resonates with my heart right now. 

I hold your hand and watch as the sun slowly fades
Far in the distance the Father is calling your name
And it’s time for you to go home
And everything in me wants to hold on
But I’m letting you go with this goodbye kiss and this promise
I’ll see you in a little while
I’ll see you in a little while
It won’t be too long now
We’ll see it on the other side
The wait was only the blink of an eye
So I’m not gonna say goodbye
‘Cause I’ll see you in a little while

2013-11-01 09.21.36-2_600

I was there by my mom’s bedside when she passed away.  I can hear this song five times a day and every time it makes me cry.  But it’s a hopeful cry.  I’m going to see my mom again.  I just miss her so much sometimes, my heart aches. 

And when I think of heaven, I imagine it kind of looks something like this.
2013-11-02 16.55.41-1_600
Isn’t that amazing?  This was my view on my coastal run on Saturday 11/2 in the late afternoon.  Glorious.
2013-11-02 17.27.39_600

Todd hadn’t been riding his bike on Sunday mornings because he was gearing up for Tough Mudder.  So the last couple of Sundays we’ve been able to go out for breakfast.  While breakfast food is my favorite food, it’s Todd’s least favorite food, lol.  So he’s quite the sacrifice when we eat breakfast out.

We tried out the Stratford Court Café on Sunday 11/3.  Todd had waffle with strawberries and banana.
2013-11-03 08.49.25_600

I had the vegetable frittata.
2013-11-03 08.49.30_600

I really liked their coffee there, but the frittata was only ok.  But I appreciate Todd taking me out for breakfast!
2013-11-03 08.47.34_600

Then on Sunday 11/10 we went to Pacifica Breeze Café.  We’ve been there for lunch but never for breakfast!  The best thing there is the ocean view from the balcony.  So awesome!

I loved my Wild Mushroom Frittata there.
2013-11-10 12.00.26_600

Afterwards we walked around the beach in Del Mar.  The sky was super-blue due to the Santa Ana winds.  It was gorgeous.
2013-11-10 12.51.17-1_600

A sunny selfie.
2013-11-10 12.50.41_600

We are really blessed to live 15 minutes from such an awesome place.

I’ve been sort of obsessed with watching Youtube makeup videos.  I find the transformations fascinating.  I especially found this one amazing, where Michelle Phan transformed herself into Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones”.  So one day I played around with putting on false eyelashes.  These look super-fake, but are a lot of fun!
2013-11-03 16.37.17-RL_600

2013-11-03 16.39.21-RL_600

We cooked a new dish recently and it was so good that I have to share.  It is “Halibut with Bacony Corn Sauté” from Cooking Light.
2013-11-05 18.47.16_600
All I have to say about the bacony corn is…oh myyyyy!  The halibut is really good too.

At work I’ve been really busy, working on the budget for next year.  
2013-11-08 12.19.14_600
You wouldn’t think studying floor plans would be part of my job, but I had to figure out our facilities allocations cost for next year, and we’ve had a lot of floor plan and cube changes in the last year. 

I went to a Book Binding Workshop with Urban Craft Camp on Saturday.  More to come in a blog post soon about this.  It was really fun!
2013-11-09 09.52.43_600

I’ve been working on Project Life!  I’ve got sort of a new process.  I hope to blog about it soon.
2013-11-10 20.20.56-2_600

And I’ve actually started designing our Christmas cards!  I’m making these 4x6.  Why?  Because they fit into Project Life pockets, ha ha!  And 4x6’s are cheap to print.
2013-11-11 17.46.59-1_600

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!  Leave me a comment if you feel like it.  I love reading your comments!  :)


  1. Love reading your blog Christine! Noodle is adorable! GO BUCKS!!!

  2. i've never met your mom, but reading about you tearing up listening to the song made me tear up too.

    btw - you're looking good! can't wait to catch up.

  3. Love your blog, find it so inspiring. Amazed at how much you fit into your life and wish I had half your energy! Looking forward to your Project Life update.

  4. Love reading your blog. Your scrapping is so inspirational. Used to live in San Diego so it's fun seeing the pictures and finding out what's going on there. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day too!

  5. Wow you have been busy. Love the lashes on you. we're they very hard to get right? I can totally relate to the song making you cry. I had the privilege of being with my Mum when she passed away too

  6. I'd love to hear about how you make your own Christmas cards. One year I'd like to try it as well for the same reasons as yours. Your card is looking like a real fun one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Laura! I create a 4" by 6" 300 dpi canvas in Photoshop. Then I create 2 x 2 squares on different layers. On three squares use the clipping mask to clip my photos to. I put text and cute digital Christmas doodles on the other three boxes. It's not difficult if you are familiar with Photoshop functions. :)

  7. Nice win over Purdont! I think Ohio State crushed them this year. They are in a down year for sure! And cats sure have their ideas of their favorite places to nap, lol. Regardless if it's appropriate or not.

  8. Not that you need my opinion, but I don't think I would have known those eyelashes were fake if you hadn't said so - I say go for it!


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