Sunday, November 3, 2013

Digi Dares | My Spork

This week’s Digi Dare 345 is actually hosted by me!  It is also my last Digi Dares layout as part of the Digi Dares team.  This week we are scrapping about a small decision/change that has had a big impact!

My Spork:
Supplies: Good Eats, Digitally Smitten, Parker, and Wood Veneer Serif Alpha by Gina Cabrera @; Darkroom Collection: 1.0 Element Pack by Joanne Brisebois @ Oscraps; Fonts are DJB Smartypants & Populaire

Journaling:  My spork has saved 600 plastic forks + spoons.  Three years ago, I made the decision to purchase this titanium spork to use at work.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Such a small change has led to big results.  I’ve saved over 600 plastic forks & spoons from the landfill.  Doing something small yet so big feels great.  I’m making a difference in the world that I live in!

For more details and to participate (I would love it if you would play along this week!), go here to the Digi Dare blog!

I’ve decided to step down from the Digi Dares team for now.  My life has been really busy and it will stay really busy until about end of January, especially at work.  I’m sad to step down from the team, since I’ve made 19 Digi Dares layouts over the last 9 months that I’m really proud of!  It has really challenged me to step out of my comfort zone in both my style and my scrapbooking topics.  It is everything it was to me when I was part of the Digi Dares a few years ago:  making challenging layouts while inspiring others.  I will miss it.


  1. Love that you did a layout featuring your spork!!! Love all of the circles too!

  2. Ha! Sorry, that above comment is from me! My son was signed in to Google on my account!


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