Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Simple Pleasures (Digi Dare #334)

I did a layout for this week's Digi Dare and it was not easy for me.  I'm not really an art journal type of person, not even digitally.  It took me 45 minutes just to find a background paper I liked.  But this is part of why I re-joined the Digi Dares earlier this year, to challenge myself to scrap some pages that I don't normally scrap.

Digi Dare #334 was about scrapping our simple pleasures using our five senses.

Digital supplies: Let's Go Fishing by Paula Kesselring; Sea Stories by Kasia Designs; Daily Bulletin by One Little Bird; Identity by One Little Bird; Jelly Bean Toes Alphas by CK Muckosky; Staples by Flergs; Effervescent by Pixel Gypsy; A Slice Of The Good Life by Juliana Kneipp; font is LD Hipster Child.  Photo by Tara Whitney.

It took me over two hours to do this page, but it turned out okay.  :-)  Like I said, art journaling is not my typical style, so I had some difficulty with it.

Speaking of simple pleasures... I had this thought yesterday and I thought I would share it with you.  When the normal things you do don't give you a lot of joy anymore, it's time to switch things up.  At the end of May, I was unhappy with how I was spending my time.  I felt like I was spending too much time on my computer (blogging, surfing the web, etc.).  I even felt like I was spending too much time in my craft studio, instead of outside enjoying the summer.  I had let my creative "obligations" (for lack of a better word) stress me out, instead of refreshing me and bringing me joy.  And I was unhappy with my weight gain the last two years and how my body looked and performed.

So I made some changes.  I took a blogging hiatus for a month and figured out what about blogging made me happy.  I stopped spending my evenings on my computer.  I did fun things outside after work.  I discovered new things I love about San Diego.  I started reading books again, which I love to do but thought I didn't have the time before.  I watched more movies and TV shows I liked.  I spent more time with friends.  I enjoyed a less hectic creative schedule, so that every page I made was enjoyable, rather than just meeting deadlines.  And I joined Weight Watchers to lose the extra 15 lbs.

Magically, the combination of these actions has brought a lot of joy & pleasure back into my life.  It has actually made me feel more creative as well.  And now when I run, my belly doesn't feel jiggly and uncomfortable.

So if you feel some dissatisfaction with how things are going in your life, take some time to evaluate what's robbing you of your joy, and make some plans to change things up.  Bring the simple pleasures back into your life. :-)


  1. You're so right. Being in a funk is awful. Thanks for the encouragement to make a change!

  2. The five senses in your art journaling are really cool. It turned out really nice. LOL, took you over two hours - would probably take me over two months to come up with such a page. Congrats on taking the time to figure out what was not giving you joy and doing something about it. Thanks for the encouragement to think about my life and what changes are necessary. TFS.

  3. I love, love this layout! Thank you for the awesome words of encouragement, I really needed them! I am so happy that blogging still gives you pleasure so that I can live vicariously through you! Keep up the good work Christine!

  4. First, love your page, Christine. I think you do a really good job with an art journaling style; you look like a natural at it! Also, I like your suggestions and ideas for getting out of a rut. I really agree that focusing on small joys (and making even minor changes) can be a conduit to overall happiness. It's something I need to remember for myself!

  5. Thanks everyone! The funny thing is... I didn't realize all the small changes I made gradually had an impact on my life until yesterday when I was thinking about it. I didn't have a master plan at the end of May. I just knew I disliked some things about my life and needed to switch things up. :)


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