Sunday, October 21, 2012

In September…

I cannot believe how much time has flown by this year. It’s a bit scary actually. Here I am doing a September Month-In-Review, when October is almost over. It sounds like a cliché to say time has flown by, but I’ve never felt it fly by as fast as this year has.

  • I only ran 30 miles in September, which is barely the number of days in the month.  My goal is to run 366 miles in 2012 and I have run 330 miles at the end of September. 
  • Walked an additional 10 miles. I think it’s great how 5 minute breaks at work can add up to 10 miles a month. 
  • I spent only 8 hours and 8 minutes exercising, which is my second lowest month this year. 
  • We took 468 photos.  Not bad, but it is the least number of photos taken in a month in 2012. I didn’t have nearly as many photos to pick from for my collage!
  • Watched the movie “The Help” after reading the book. Really liked it.
  • College football started again! We love waking up on Saturday mornings and turning on ESPN College Gameday!
  • For the Buckeye first game of the season against Miami, we went to Dejah & Roby’s house and watched with them.
  • Noodle was the San Diego Humane Society’s “Mr September”.
  • I did 30 Days of Lists. Finished the lists but did not finish making my mini book yet.
  • Made good progress on my crochet chevron afghan.
  • Totally cleaned out my closet and gave a bunch of clothes and shoes to Goodwill.
  • Went to breakfast and then Balboa Park to read under big trees on Labor Day.
  • Watched the first VA Tech game with Anne & Gilbert at their place.
  • Went to Sea World for Todd’s company’s picnic. So fun to see otters and dolphins and sea lions!
  • Painted my toe nails teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.
  • Endured a few days of over 100 degree heat!
  • Took the class “Pop Off The Page” at Studio Calico and really enjoyed it.
  • Went to visit Sally & the twins.
  • Took Madeline out to dinner in La Jolla.
  • Todd went to Dreamforce in San Francisco and got to present his project in Developer Theater. AND he got to see a private concert with Barenaked Ladies, our favorite band.
  • Drove up to LA for cousin Bertha’s movie “Almost Perfect” premiere. Saw Bernice for the first time in quite a few years!
  • Melissa sent me an American Crafts Christmas roller date stamp. She’s so awesome! I don’t have a Hobby Lobby around here, so she grabbed an extra for me when she found it.
  • Todd made Princess Leia cupcakes for the Star Wars themed Toastmaster’s speech contest.
  • Todd completed 102 miles of bike riding in the Tour de Poway on 9/30. We celebrated by going to Phil’s BBQ with Cassi, Dan, Madison, and Shannon came too.
  • Work started to get really busy with the 2013 budgets. I had to work a lot of extra hours.


  1. Wow, you had such a busy month! I can't believe you can accomplish so much, I wish I could get that much done!!



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