Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Project Life | Week 1

For Week 1 I followed my own mantra and just kept it simple and got it done.  I tried not to over-think it.  I mean, seriously, there’s 51 more weeks to go and there’s plenty of time to do different things in my album.  :) 

I started on 12/31 because my weeks go from Saturday to Friday.  I did Saturday to Friday in 2011 and it worked well for me.  I didn't want to start on Sunday 1/1 because that breaks up the weekend in my weekly pages and the weekend is when a lot of the photos are from, since Todd and I both work full time.  Saturday to Friday also works for me because the majority of my pages will be done on the weekends.  So on Friday nights I can pick out my photos from the week and work on them during the weekend.

Left-hand side has my week title page with date stamps.  I included the photo of me on a run on 12/31, and I typed my 2012 theme/mantra on it.  This photo was on my blog post about my 2012 Goals.  I used a mix of hand-written journaling cards and digital journaling cards that I typed out in Photoshop and printed out.  It doesn’t bother me to have both kinds of journaling on a page.  Sure, it would look nicer if it were all uniform, but I’m not going to apply arbitrary rules that stress me out and keep me from getting it done.
The bottom left is a 4up photo collage that I created in Adobe Lightroom.  I’m working on a video tutorial on how to do this, because it’s so easy once you’ve set it up!  The photos are the food we had on NYE.  I made super-yummy homemade cream of mushroom soup while Todd made homemade BBQ chicken sandwich (even the BBQ sauce was homemade).  We got Noodle a bubbling water bowl so he would drink more water. 

The left-hand side journaling is a digital journal card from the “Today Journal Cards” set by Valorie Wibbens.  I opened it up in Photoshop and added the yellow color to the typewriter paper on the bottom and typed “Life is Good” on it.  I date-stamped over the wash tape part of the digital journal card using Amber Clegg’s digital “Date Stamps”.  I typed in the word “Saturday” to the right of that.

The journal card on the right is from a set called “Customizable Journaling Cards No.2” designed by my friend Lili!  Lili is the designer behind the fabulous Project Life Clementine Edition!  I’ve known Lili for several years and was on her digital creative team.  She is a sweetie and I just love her.  Anyway, this set of digital journal cards coordinate perfectly with the Clementine Edition of Project Life!

Right hand side has photos of good times with our friends Anne & Gilbert watching the Sugar Bowl.  We found an awesome Hawaii shave ice place not too far from our house!  Todd and I are super-excited to be able to enjoy shave ice right here in San Diego and relive our fond Hawaii memories over and over again.  :)  We tried a new burger place called “The Habit” that opened in the neighborhood.  It was cheap and good and we’ll be back!  I kept a menu from the restaurant and just cut out their logo and stapled it onto my burger photo.

Another digital journal card from “Customizable Journaling Cards No.2” by Lili.  I blurred out some personal info on the gift receipt that came with a Cookies of the Month shipment, for privacy reasons.
What Worked For Me:
  • Typed journaling on digital journal cards is awesome.  I’m able to play with the spacing and font size to fit my story.  I’m also able to copy words straight from my blog or my Oh Life journaling and paste it right in there.
  • Really just keeping it simple and not over-thinking it and just getting it done.
  • Printing the photos at home using my Canon MP620 printer and Canon Glossy Plus II photo paper. 
Looking forward to getting my Week 2 pages done this weekend!  :)
I’ll also be working on the Lightroom collage video tut.

2012 Project Life | Week 1 Supplies


  1. Love how you did a mix of computer journaling and your own writing! Rock on, Christine!!!!!

  2. I agree with Michelle. I like the mix of handwriting and typing. And I like the way you recolored the sheet of paper on the typewriter journaling card. Very cute.

  3. OMG!! This is just awesome!! I love what you did here, Christine! Thanks for using my cards and for being so sweet!! ;)

  4. I´m speechless about your fantastic pages! And thanks for adding your supplies - great way for me to learn!

  5. This is great inspiration ! Thanks for sharing it Christine !

  6. This is another thing I am fighting the urge for. I see so many gorgeous PL pages and I so want to do it. However I can't even get a dec album or my summer one done. I'm so worried that I will make this huge investment with PL stuff and never finish. Maybe next year? Thanks for sharing your pages. Such a great source of inspiration.


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