Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making Time For Friends

This past Sunday we got to hang out with some friends and reconnect, which is always fun, especially if it involves some food too!

Dejah and Roby took us to Phil’s BBQ (Todd’s favorite!) for lunch, as a thank you for Todd, who took care of their two cats every day while they were away for two weeks during the holidays.  Not only did they take us out to Phil’s BBQ, they bought Todd a sarcastic Ohio State Jim Tressel shirt!


As always, Phil’s BBQ was fantastic. (Drool.)

But it was even more fun to hang out with Dejah and Roby, whom I haven’t seen since the Elf Party in early December.

Dejah’s brother gave her that hat, I think.  I want one too!

After lunch, we headed to our good friends AJ and Meera’s house to visit.  We haven’t seen them in forever and haven’t been up to their house in quite a while.  It was so good to see them and hang out again.

Keiji chewing on some cookies… yum!

Todd hanging with AJ and Andon.

Tea time for the girls!  Meera had some awesome Japanese green tea that I loved.

Sunday was awesome and good for my soul, to reconnect with our friends again.  I told Meera that my New Year’s resolution is to see her more, and she thought that was an awesome resolution, ha ha.  I love her.  She’s one of my best friends and I don’t get to see her enough! 

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  1. Okay that photo of Todd, AJ and Andon is so freaking cute. The head tilt is adorable.


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