Sunday, May 11, 2008

Miss You Mama

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Today was Mother's Day and it's the second Mother's Day since my mom went to heaven. I miss her a lot and take solace in that one day we will reunite in heaven again. In the midst of thinking about my mom, I actually chuckled a bit at a memory of her. Those that knew my mom knows that she was very unassuming and the most gentle woman. But she also got several speeding tickets in her lifetime! I was never there when she got them, but just the image of my little gentle mother getting pulled over for speeding makes me chuckle. The reason I thought of her speeding tickets was because I had to go to online traffic school for about five hours yesterday and today. :( I got a speeding ticket back in April and I have to pay $315 (yes, you read right) AND about $40 to go through traffic school so that I can get the point taken off of my driving record. It's not a great way to spend hours of my weekend, but at least now it's done and I can pay the fees and move on. This has really taught me a lesson. Before this I had never been pulled over by police before and obviously never had a moving violation. Friday night we went to Smokin' Joel's BBQ for dinner. I had never been there before. I wasn't too impressed because I thought the BBQ sauce was too sweet and not spicy enough. I had the sampler slider where I got mini sandwiches with pulled chicken, pulled pork, and beef brisket. It was fine enough, but I won't be going back again and again. Yesterday we ran on the coast of Encinitas again. It was fairly warm but still very nice out. Afterwards we went to pizza at Bongiorno's (yes, again). The owner there chats with us now because we're such regulars, lol. He wore an Ohio State t-shirt yesterday, so Todd asked him about it. Turns out he's from Ohio! Then after eating in (ma puo dofu) for dinner, we went to Yogurt World for dessert. Love love Yogurt World! I got the original tart flavor with sliced almonds. Todd loaded his up with lots of fruits and caramel sauce. This is our new obsession besides Bongiornos. Another week starting up. Hopefully the weather will be good and we can go running/rollerblading at Miramar Lake after work this week.

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  1. Your LO brought tears to my eyes. To love and be loved in the way the two of you got to - that is beautiful. I have a feeling your mother is with you everyday... and yes, you will see her again.

    "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

    -Dr. Seuss

    Many ((((hugs))) to you, Christine!


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