Sunday, May 18, 2008

I love food

This past week I've eaten so many good things! And I did exercise a couple of times too... Let's see... Tuesday night I took Todd to Cafe Japengo in La Jolla. I had a free $100 Night On The Town allowance from work, because of something extra I did a while back. I got the seared scallops and potato cakes with lemongrass beurre blanc. Todd got the Kobe Flat Iron Steak with wasabi mashed potatoes, bok choy, and hon shemiji mushrooms with ginger-port reduction. Both were yummy and full of flavor. Oh, I also had a crab cake appetizer. Todd doesn't eat crab so I got it for myself! :) Then for dessert I had the chocolate lava cake with vanilla gelato and fresh fruit, while Todd had cinnamon dusted tempura banana with caramel sauce and ganache with vanilla gelato. Todd wolfed it down so fast and said it was one of the best desserts he'd ever had! Then Wednesday night after dinner, after I cleaned up the dishes, Todd said I could go to Yogurt World. Who am I to turn down Yogurt World, so off we went. I just love their original tart flavor with sliced almonds and little white choco chips. So good! Thursday evening we went running at Miramar Lake. Afterwards we went to Chile Peppers for our favorite Mexican food. I had 3 rolled chicken tacos and scarfed them down really fast. Then I got another three because I was still hungry. But I gave Todd one so I wasn't SUPER piggy, just slightly piggy. Yesterday we went running at the beach in Encinitas. It was hot already at 10 AM. So we put our time in, then went over to Bongiornos nearby and had our favorite pizza. That pizza is soooo good. Then about 5:00 PM we drove down to Bread & Cie so Todd could get his favorite brownie. He claimed that it's his "birthday brownies", even though his birthday was back in Feb. But his sister Amy had bought the brownies for him and they never delivered them, so I guess they're still his birthday brownies.
After that we went to BaiYook for Thai food. It used to be our favorite Thai food but somehow this time it was different and we're not sure why. After dinner, we went to nearly Balboa Park to just walk around and enjoy the weather and the scenery. We're so lucky to live in San Diego. Balboa Park is so pretty. We brought our tripod with us, and now we have some good photos of both of us together! Speaking of photos, here is one we took at Balboa Park. I have a trial version of Adobe Lightroom, and I am starting to love it for photo editing. It is SO much easier than Photoshop! I went from the first photo (SOOC) to the second photo in 2 clicks!
Today we're just sticking around the house. I'm catching up on some digi-scrapping stuff. This weekend has been quite warm around here, like in the 90's. So we've got the A/C going. I'll be back later this week to post some scrap stuffs.


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