Saturday, March 29, 2008

2007 taxes... check!

I'm so excited! I finally finished filing our 2007 federal and state income taxes! This had been a big burden for me in my little head, so it's GREAT to have it done! AND we don't owe that much Fed taxes, and getting a small refund from state. I think this is the best I've ever estimated our withholdings so that we pay a little bit taxes only. I don't like getting a refund because then it meant that I've lent the federal government money without interest for the whole year. I'd rather pay them a little without interest! Last night I went to an all girls birthday celebration party at my friend Patsy's house. There were about 12 girls there and we had a great time! Joanne brought her professional karaoke machine system and we sang and made fools of ourselves. Michelle the coffee girl from work became the bartender last night and mixed tequila lemon drops and appletinis. I only had a few sips because I'm just not a big drinker (the bitterness is yucky to me) plus I had to drive myself home. But the rest of the girls had their drinks and enjoyed themselves very much! Everyone brought great food too. I brought some mini quiches that I baked in the oven. Lauren brought her famous fried rice. Barb brought pancit (Filipino noodles). Kim brought veggies and dip. Michelle brought homemade sausa and chips. Then there was also teriyaki chicken and beef skewers, red sauce enchiladas, refried beans, and spanish rice. All was yummy! During the karaoke I sang "Standing Still" by Jewel, my infamous karaoke standby favorite. Then Lauren and I sang Shania Twain's "Man, I Feel Like a Woman!". Lauren and Kim sang "Friends in Low Places". All were hilarious! The song that got all the girls to get up and sing/dance was Sister Sledge's "We Are Family". All the sistas got up and sang and danced! (Everytime I hear that song though, it reminds me of the movie "The Birdcage".) I left around 12:15 am and I was tired but I had fun. It's been a LONG while since I've hung out with the girls. I didn't take very many photos, but Patsy did, so hopefully she'll share with me! :)


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