Sunday, January 20, 2008

There's always next year

The Chargers lost to the New England Patriots today! :( They were big underdogs and not many people gave them a chance to win, especially with all the injuries. But we were still disappointed. Hopefully they'll get even better next year. I never expected them to go this far this season, especially with the 1-3 start, so I am very satisfied with how far the Chargers went this season. It's just hard when they were so close to going to the Super Bowl. Yesterday we had a photo session with Melissa Koehler. She had asked for volunteers to do some creative shots and I volunteered myself and Todd. She was SO nice and so fun to work with! Here is the link to her blog that shows some of the photos she took. They're so colorful and the lighting is really cool. Here's a new page I did tonight. I'm still participating in the page a day challenge over at Big Picture Scrapbooking.
Photo above taken by Tara Whitney
Also yesterday, I ran 5 miles at Miramar Lake! I haven't run there for a few weeks, and I haven't run 5 miles in a long time. I was so happy and proud that I could still do it and it was actually pretty easy. I ran at a slower pace and was able to feel pretty easy-going the entire time.

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  1. Hi Christine!!!

    It was so fun meeting you on Saturday! You two were so awesome!
    Had I known that Tara Whitney did photos of you I would have been more nervous. She is awesome!.
    Thanks you guys!
    I love your page. You have to show me how to do the digital scrapping thing! :)


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