Friday, January 4, 2008

Food, cooking, etc.

I made cream of mushroom soup from scratch on New Year's Eve. Cream of mushroom soup is one of my favorites, and Todd found a recipe at Cooking Light that makes it delicious and healthy. I follow the recipe, except that I half it because Todd doesn't eat mushrooms. Also, instead of pureeing the WHOLE pot, I take out a few ladles worth of the ingredients (mainly mushrooms as the other veggies are pulverized by heat by then), then puree the rest. Then I put the chunks back into the pureed soup, so that there's chunks of mushrooms in there. Yummy! The rest of the New Year's Eve food consisted of:
So that was our New Year's Eve. We enjoyed our own favorite home-cooked foods and watched football to our hearts content! We also watched this movie, which is one of our FAVORITES!
A while ago I purchased a custom handwriting font from Darcy Baldwin at The Digi Chick. So I scanned my handwriting and sent it to her, and yesterday she emailed me my very own customized handwriting font! Check it out!

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