Thursday, December 1, 2005

Listgirl's 2005 Accomplishments:
  • Published online article about growing up a pastor's kid.
  • Jumped from an airplane at 13,000 feet over Paris, California.
  • Landing safely from skydiving.
  • Took care of husband while he was bedridden for 2.5 months.
  • Learned to cook, even some of Mom's recipes.
  • Re-balanced 401k portfolios.
  • Came up with solid retirement plan.
  • Took on additional responsibilities at work.
  • Enjoyed Buckeye football, Charger football, Padres baseball.
  • Saw family lots (2 visits from sister's family, 2 visits from in-laws, one visit to OH, etc.)
  • Appeared in 2 episodes of the UPN drama "Veronica Mars".
  • Volunteered for the San Diego Asian Film Festival.
  • Recovered from Pepe's death.
  • Found Petey in Humane Society's calendar.
  • Found inner peace. No longer cared what others think.
  • Got more gray hairs.
  • Hung out with girlfriends more.
  • Lots of new shoes.
  • Went to MLB Spring Training in Phoenix.
  • Tried to exercise more and eat healthier.
  • Overcame many friends leaving at work.
  • Overcame boss changes at work.
  • Made couple new friends at work.
  • Took up knitting and knitted lots of projects.
  • Endured husband's rock band practicing at our house.
  • Went to Sea World many times to see sea otter "tube time".
  • Ate lots of great food, and discovered several new restaurants, including Chile Peppers.
  • Had smashing party to celebrate husband's recovery from illness, and being a gentleman of leisure (jobless).
  • Squeezed into size 2 pants, then squeezed back out into size 4.
  • Took drawing class at UCSD.
  • Took Ashtanga yoga.
  • Planned good surprise Christmas event for husband and best friends.
  • Going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
  • Practiced patience and kindness.
  • Gave money to charity on my birthday.
  • Enjoyed brief uplift in spiritual life.
  • Learned lessons about the most important things in life: God, health, family, friends.
  • Enjoyed summer solstice day off with husband.
  • Went boogie boarding on several occasions during the summer. Porkyland afterwards!
  • Learned to finally pee in the ocean.
  • Learned how much I love my husband and what a great guy he is.


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