Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I was watching Good Morning America this week, when they had the authors of this book called "It's My Pleasure" on to discuss their book (Maria & Maya Rodale), which led me to create this list... List Girl's Simple Pleasures: 1. Walking to the deli down the street to pick up lunch. 2. Low-riding my pants so that they fall to my hip bone. 3. Wearing snuggly soft sweaters. 4. Online shopping. 5. Finding a good bargain. 6. Learning something new that I didn't know before. 7. Buying books to read. 8. Running at the coast, with the wind on my face, when it's not cold, but not hot. 9. Sitting by the beach, knitting. 10.Laughing with friends. 11.Eating noodle soup on a cold day.


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