Sunday, July 6, 2003

My musical tastes are pretty eclectic, depending on my mood. In the SoCal summer with blue skies, beaches, and fun, I usually go for light hearted songs. CD's In My Car Right Now: 1. Hoku - this one is my guilty pleasure! Hoku sang the theme song to the Legally Blonde, "Perfect Day", and this album is full of light-hearted, danceable, sing-along songs. 2. Smash Mouth: Astro Lounge - this is the album which made Smash Mouth. Every song is cool, but I love "All Star", "Then the Morning Comes", "Come On Come On", and "Can't Get Enough of You Baby". Definitely Southern CA surfer rock. 3. Thompson Twins: Greatest Hits - I really loved these guys in middle school. Oldie but goodie. I once won a radio contest by naming "Hold Me Now" as the song they played a few bars of the intro to. 4. The Waiting - Contemporary Christian rock band that I saw in concert. Several good songs on the album, including "How Do You Do That?", which marvels at how great God is, and "My Pride". 5. Small Town Poets - another contemporary Christian group that I used to like. Their self-titled debut album contains singer-songwriter soft rock introspections. 6. DC Talk: Jesus Freak - great album by DC Talk, with many good tunes by this group that Toby Mac started. First interracial rap & rock combination in contemporary Christian music. 7. Garbage: Beautiful Garbage - I love this techno punk rock group fronted by Shirley Manson - this album makes you drive really fast though! Favorite songs are "Androgyny", "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)", and "Breaking Up The Girl". 8. Jason Mraz: Waiting for My Rocket to Come - San Diego coffee house favorite Jason Mraz has hit the big time with his debut album. Todd saw him at Twiggs Coffee House in North Park just a few months ago. Now he is on VH1 all the time. 9. Sheryl Crow: C'mon C'mon - one of my favorite albums of all time - Sheryl plays the guitar, bass, and rocks like no other girl! She's 40 and still looks amazing! Saw her in concert summer of 2002 at Coors Amphitheatre. She rocks! 10. DC Talk: Supernatural - almost every song on this DC Talk album is good, but especially so for "Consume Me" & "Godsend".


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