Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Lucky for you, I decided to share my list of favorite foods and where to get them. Eat your heart out! These actually are not ranked in any order.... 1. Crispy Mock Duck Salad @ Bai Yook Restaurant in Hillcrest 2. Chicken rolled tacos w/ guacamole @ Carmen's in Linda Vista 3. "Quarterback Crunch" flavored ice cream @ Baskin-Robbins 4. Shredded beef enchiladas @ On the Border restaurant (various locations, we go to the one in Mira Mesa) 5. Cream of Mushroom Soup @ Souplantation (various locations) 6. Shrimp dumplings @ Dumpling Inn in Kearny Mesa (click on the link and look at the first restaurant reviewed under San Diego) 7. Chicken Lettuce Wrap appetizer @ P.F. Changs (two locations in San Diego) 8. Tapioca Milk Green Boba Tea @ Tea Station (two locations in San Diego) 9. Florentine Omelette w/ all-u-can-eat fried potatos @ Beach City Burrito in Cardiff. (The Pesto Chicken Burrito and Carne Asada Tacos are also great there.) 10. Chai Latte @ Borders Bookstore Cafe 11. Strawberries from the strawberry fields in Carlsbad 12. Nozomi Noodles @ Nozomi in Kearny Mesa 13. Fried egg roles @ Bolsa Restaurant in Mira Mesa 14. Shredded beef machaca burrito @ Roberto's (many locations throughout SD) 15. Hot Pastrami sandwich @ Togo's (various locations in SD) 16. Chicken rice noodle soup @ Pho Hoacali in Mira Mesa 17. Hamburger & french fries @ In-N-Out Burger (various locations) 18. Dim sum @ Emerald in Kearny Mesa (read a review) 19. Shrimp / Fish tacos @ Rubios (various locations) 20. Shrimp noodle soup @ Mandarin Garden in Mira Mesa


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