Friday, February 28, 2020

I’ve Been Drawing

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Recently I’ve been drawing again and it makes me feel so alive, productive, and happy.  I had listened to a NPR Lifekit podcast episode about how making art is good for your health.  The podcast says that the act of creation reduces anxiety and stress.  It’s not the end result that matters, but the act of creating.  So I let go of all expectations and just followed some tutorials and started drawing.  I loved drawing as a kid.  I took art classes in high school, college, and even post-college in my 30’s.  But I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.  Until now!  I’m so happy to pick it back up again.

I am NOT a great artist by any means.  I copy other artists a lot when I practice.  If you read Austin Kleon’s book “Steal Like an Artist”, you know that imitation is a form of practice.  Perhaps from that, you will evolve your own art and ideas.  I love to look at all kinds of art, but I would categorize my own style as graphic and colorful.  I have tried sketching still-life and making things look real with depth and shadows and such, and have found that it’s just not my style.  I don’t find it fun.  I like drawing graphics.  I like drawing things that I’m obsessed with at the moment.

In the case of recent months… it’s Baby Yoda!  I watched The Mandalorian on Disney+ when it came out end of 2019 and instantly fell in love with Baby Yoda.  I have watched the 8 episodes over and over again.  So I drew a few different iterations of Baby Yoda…


I integrated my favorite features from these and came up with this Baby Yoda, which I loved.  I colored it and cut it out and put it on a card to give to Todd for Valentine’s Day.

20200214-2020-02-14 14.29.21_blog

And of course I had to also draw the Mandalorian himself.  I watched this tutorial.

20200226-2020-02-26 09.24.40_blog

And I drew Elsa from Frozen, from this tutorial

20200226-2020-02-26 09.24.44_blog

And I’ve been watching drawing classes on CreativeBug.  I signed up for a three month special during their Black Friday sale.  These are a few things I’ve done from Lisa Congdon’s More Sketchbook Explorations class.  I LOVE using the watercolor brush markers with the black micron pens and white gelly roll pens

20200226-2020-02-26 09.23.32_blog

This one I used a watercolor pan instead of the brush pens.

20200226-2020-02-26 09.16.30_blog

Both of the above I painted the colors first and let them dry.  Then I drew on top of it with black and white pens.  This one below I drew the graphics first, and then colored them.

20200221-2020-02-21 18.45.10_blog

20200221-2020-02-21 18.45.21_blog

20200226-2020-02-26 09.23.19_blog

The cool part is that I had a lot of the materials for drawing and painting already, so I didn’t have to buy a bunch of stuff to pick up this hobby again.  I am enjoying it so much right now!  It feels great to be creative again.


  1. I love this! I had a job interview I will decompress by drawing all night...all because you shared this post!! Thank you!

  2. I love your drawings! You have such a great whimsical style. And Baby Yoda is so CUTE!


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