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October 2019 Favorites

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A little late in summarizing a very busy traveling October.  In the beginning of the month, we traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia for vacation, with a one-day stop in Seattle.

We visited the Pike Place Public Market in Seattle.

20191004-2019-10-04 09.44.35_blog

And visited our friend Cassi in Bellingham, WA.

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We visited the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, and went on a Forbidden Vancouver tour.


20191005-2019-10-05 21.05.45_blog

We biked around the seawall of Stanley Park.

20191006-2019-10-06 11.21.35_blog

Went on a Gastronomic Gastown Tour

20191006-2019-10-06 16.53.09_blog

Visited Granville Island Public Market and Queen Elizabeth Park

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Vancouver was awesome and we would totally go again!

This is definitely NOT a fave, but on our last night on vacation in Vancouver, we got a text from our next door neighbor Fred, who is also our catsitter.  A driver in a Prius HIT OUR HOUSE.  We are still dealing with insurance and contractors to fix our house, with no end in sight yet.  Total bummer!  This is what I referred to in my previous blog post about being busy dealing with this sh*t!  I will write a whole blog post about dealing with this once it’s finally over, which I don’t expect until January 2020.

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We watched Veronica Mars season 4 on a one week Hulu trial.  Then we did a 5-day trial of YouTube TV and decided to cut the cord and cancel Dish Network.  Saved us $75/month and a great decision so far.  No regrets! 

On Monday 10/21 I had lunch with my friend from my old job Patsy, at Pailin Thai.  I totally forgot to take a photo.  It was GREAT to catch up with Patsy!

Todd went on a bike ride by the ocean with some friends from the San Diego Triathlon Club.

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On Sunday 10/13 we met up with Sally and her kids to walk around Miramar Lake and have lunch at Chile Peppers afterwards.

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On Wednesday 10/16 I had lunch with my work friend Erecca at Ponce’s Mexican.  Always so fun to chat with Erecca.  We have made it a recurring monthly date to get together.

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I am going to write a post about all the awesome new dishes we’ve cooked at home lately.  One of them is this homemade from scratch pizza!  It turned out so good!

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We went to dinner with our friend Cecile at Sushi Fish Attack.  It was fun to catch up with Cecile and see what she’s been up to!

20191021-2019-10-21 20.13.23_blog

I deep cleaned my Keurig for the fall season (I only drink cold brew coffee during the summer).  Then I bought the “My K-Cup” (at the recommendation from my friend Jennifer) so I could use whatever coffee I want, and it’s reusable so it’s a lot less waste!  I’ve been enjoying extra-good coffee! 

20191025-2019-10-25 08.05.42_blog

We went to Ohio to visit Todd’s family at the end of October.  We did lots of fun things, including a special tour of the Goodyear Blimp.

20191028-2019-10-28 10.39.33_blog

Making a spooky Halloween dinner.20191028-2019-10-28 18.41.25_blog

And enjoying the fall foliage.

20191028-2019-10-28 15.59.30_blog

20191028-2019-10-28 15.11.40_blog

Noodle was extra needy because of all our traveling.  And he’s more snuggly when the weather turns cooler.

20191009-2019-10-09 15.53.26_blog

Still loving his infinity bed.

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  1. Awww I made an appearance. <3 So honored. Loved seeing photos from all your wonderful trips. Can't wait for the saga of the garage/car crash to be over. I'd love to hear the followup.


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