Saturday, July 2, 2016

Best of June 2016

Hello!  Are my eleven blog readers still around?  Even if you’re not, that’s ok.  I’m not blogging regularly, so I can’t expect anyone to stick around.  I’ve decided to blog some month-in-reviews again, because I truly love it for my own memory-keeping purposes.  And I’ve missed it.

Here are some snapshots from June.

My boss came to San Diego to meet me face-to-face for the first time since he became my boss almost a year ago.  He took Todd and I to dinner at Duke’s La Jolla and we were seated at the best table with a view on the patio.  Even though it was very cloudy, it was still quite beautiful.

20160602-2016-06-02 19.50.17_blog

We went up to Anaheim to meet up with Todd’s parents, who were in town for the Trumpet Guild Conference.  We hung out at Downtown Disney for lunch and shopping.

20160604-2016-06-04 13.07.13_blog

20160604-2016-06-04 15.07.37_blog

We went to the Ira Liss Big Band Jazz Machine concert at Bernardo Winery.  One of our summer traditions!

20160605-2016-06-05 19.22.24_blog

I started a weights workout routine at my work gym, after a personal training session to teach me the exercises.

20160607-2016-06-07 17.20.13_blog

Todd made his famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

20160608-2016-06-08 07.20.14_blog

We went to watch Game 3 of the NBA Finals at AJ & Meera’s house.

20160608-2016-06-08 20.38.23_blog

We screamed with elation when the Cleveland Cavaliers came from behind 3-1 games to beat the Golden State Warriors and won the 2016 NBA Championship.  What a historical comeback.  What a block by LeBron.  What a celebration for the city of Cleveland!

20160620-2016-06-19 21.36.24_blog

We went to try a new poke restaurant called Pokirrito.  My poke bowl was super-yummy!

20160611-2016-06-11 12.02.04_blog

Noodle still has some funny antics in him, even at almost 6 years old.

20160612-2016-06-12 07.12.02_blog

We bought and mounted a new TV in our office so we can watch TV while doing stuff like paying bills.  (Oh, our office has been completely made over as well.  Will write an office makeover post sometime.)

20160617-2016-06-17 09.05.49_blog

Todd made a salted caramel chocolate layered cake.

20160619-2016-06-19 16.30.01_blog

We celebrated summer solstice by having dinner after work at Blue Ribbon Pizza.

20160621-2016-06-21 18.23.27_blog

Followed by ice cream at Handel’s.

20160621-2016-06-21 19.09.34_blog

Followed by watching the sunset at the end of our street.

20160621-2016-06-21 19.58.01_blog

We celebrated our wedding anniversary with dinner at Ortega’s.

20160623-2016-06-23 18.39.45_blog

20160623-2016-06-23 18.40.27_blog

And dessert at Extraordinary Desserts.

20160623-2016-06-23 19.38.20_blog

We went to lunch at Pacifica Breeze on our actual anniversary.

20160625-2016-06-25 12.59.05_blog

View on the way home.

20160625-2016-06-25 13.36.06_blog

Noodle loves sleeping in his bed.

20160625-2016-06-25 19.07.50_blog

I went through four boxes of old files and purged/shredded them all.  I also totally re-organized our current files into our filing cabinet.  Those were big jobs.  We have been purging and organizing our house since March and we’re so excited to be less encumbered with stuff we no longer need or want.  Noodle helped me with the files.

20160626-2016-06-26 10.49.40_blog

We spent a hefty amount of money and replaced all 22 windows of our house.  Our windows were original windows from 1987 and they were single-pane aluminum windows.  We replaced them with the latest energy-efficient windows (low e3).  We’re absolutely in love with our new windows and wish we had done this sooner.  Hello energy efficiency!  I’ll have to take some more “after” photos and write a before/after post sometime.

20160627-2016-06-27 13.01.31_blog

20160629-2016-06-29 09.12.31_blog

We went to check out the newly opened 85C Bakery in Mira Mesa.

20160628-2016-06-28 13.28.09_blog

We gave away four boxes of books to the library.  And we relocated our bookshelves and re-organized all the books we’re keeping. 


We gave away furniture we’re no longer using.


All in all, June was a great mix of fun and productivity.  I’m excited to see what July brings! 


  1. Yay! So happy to see what's new in the Newman family. Love the new windows, congrats on all the purging, Noodle is still hilarious, and Todd's T-shirts kind of stole the show.

    1. Hi Cassi! You know, I'm so used to seeing Todd's t-shirts that I didn't realize how many fun ones he wore in June, LOL. They are good ones! The Hep Alien one should definitely be worn when we watch the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix!

  2. Great to hear from the Newman Pack. Happy anniversary!! You always blog about great places to go check out.

  3. Wow, that was a lot of serious work (awesome windows!), and a lot of delicious foods! Todd's cake looked heavenly. Congratulations on yet another anniversary! =)

  4. Wow, June sure looked like a busy month! Have a happy 4th and can't wait to see what adventures come in July.

  5. Missed your blog posts! What a busy but great and yummy month. Would like to try Todd´s cookies.
    Can´t wait to see more of your before/after posts

  6. So good to see all the great things happening to you in the month of June. Congrats on the decluttering and minimizing. I know what a huge project that is. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  7. I've missed your blog posts. You and Todd always do fun things.

  8. It's good to see you back. I'm inspired by your ways of capturing memories!

  9. I am still here also! It's good to see you're back. Loved the images you shared and hope to see more from you soon. xo

  10. Guess I'm one of those "eleven" readers :-) Love the monthly update. I sooo need to work more on purging things out of my home. Sometimes I walk through it and ask myself how much does one person really need!?

  11. I still pop by every now & then to read what you're up to, so I guess that makes me 1 of the 11. LOL!

  12. I am so happy to see your post! I had just been telling my Husband how much I missed reading it. I told him how you had made this big decision to take control of your life and take control of your job and body and choices and how I wished you still blogged so I could see how it was going!

  13. I"m glad I popped by to catch this post, glad to know what's going on with you :)
    Those title you gave away are very interesting! Happy Anniversary!
    And did I tell you how inspiring your post about taking back your life and making changes now rather than later was? Keep going, Christine!

  14. I"m glad I popped by to catch this post, glad to know what's going on with you :)
    Those title you gave away are very interesting! Happy Anniversary!
    And did I tell you how inspiring your post about taking back your life and making changes now rather than later was? Keep going, Christine!

  15. I miss your posts! I'm one of the eleven too!


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