Monday, March 23, 2015

Big Island Day 2: We Go North

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That’s the view from the gas station where we usually went to get our gallon water jugs refilled.

Woke up at 4:30, which was way too early.  I wasn’t on island time yet!  Went over to the couch and slept there until about 6:30.  Then went back into the bedroom and Todd was sort of awake.  Around 7am we both got up.  We ate some papayas, guavas, and rambutans for breakfast.  I also had some corn flakes and Todd had popcorn.  I made coffee with the Kona blend coffee that came with the condo.  It was pretty good.  Todd went out onto the balcony to read, but the people below us were smoking on their balcony and he quickly came back inside, LOL!

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View of our resort.

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We sat around and watched TV and surfed the internet until around 10am.  Then I got ready and we packed our backpack for the beach.  We drove about 45 minutes north to the Four Seasons to have lunch there.  This was our splurge lunch to celebrate my birthday!  

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We walked around the grounds and it was amazing.  We ate lunch at the Beach Tree Cafe.  

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I had a $16 cocktail.  Todd had a $4 coke.  (But he got refills!) 

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We got some kind of tuna crudo, which was very much like ahi poke but you eat it with taro chips and lettuce.  It was yummy!  

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Birthday lunch selfie using the remote shutter!

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I had the lobster salad while Todd had the catch of the day fish with salad.  It was all very yummy.  

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We shared a Lemon Meringue ice cream pie.  So yum!  This was only half the price of my cocktail, LOL!  I’ll take two of these pies over one cocktail any day, now that I know how good this pie was!

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Who doesn’t want to have a drink under a palapa at the beach though?

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Isn’t it weird how our skin just looks glowing at the Four Seasons?  It’s almost like they made sure the lighting was good, ha ha!  :-)

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After lunch we walked around the beach walkway by the Four Seasons.  It was so nice.  But hot and sunny.

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After we left there, we wanted to go to Big Island Shave Ice.  But the GPS couldn't find it, plus turns out they weren't open on Mondays.  So we went to Hapuna Beach.  We got there around 2:30 and parked.  We got some French fries at the shack and it was yummy.  The $130 meal at the Four Seasons left us hungry, LOL.  

20150316-2015-03-16 14.36.08_blog

View of Hapuna Beach from the shack.

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Then we walked down to the beach and enjoyed the views and got our feet wet in the water.  

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20150316-2015-03-16 15.22.09_blog





This was on Monday 3/16.  Turns out two days later on Wednesday, a man from Kansas was bitten by a shark at Hapuna Beach.  They closed the beach on Thursday and Friday! 

We stayed until about 3:30, then we left for Kona.  There was traffic on the roads!  

We got back to Kona Brewing Company at around 4:30.  We beat the crowd and got seated for dinner right away.  We ordered a salad and a 10" pizza to share.  

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The pizza had pepperoni, andouille sausage, roasted garlic, pepperoncini, and mushrooms. It was pretty good.  

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Todd said he remembers it being better from 2008.  I guess we’ve had better pizza in San Diego since then!  When we left there was a huge line of people waiting to get in.

We stopped by Safeway to get some Roselani ice cream and some wine for Todd.  Then we returned our "Maleficent" movie and got "Chef" from Redbox.  We got home and ate some papaya and ice cream.  Then we watched "Dancing with the Stars".  Then we watched the movie "Chef" and it was good!


  1. Love the Four Seasons at Hualalai. Glad you got to visit.

  2. It all looks so lovely! Can't wait for a beach vacay myself!

  3. I love reading about your Hawaii trips and seeing your pics - past and present. The problem is that they always make me want to take my next trip there immediately. LOL. Good thing you went to the Four Seasons for lunch - hate to see what your dinner would have cost you.

  4. Kona Brewing's beer is great, but their food is just meh.

    1. It was kind of sad to discover that the pizza there was not as good as we had remembered back in 2008. And since we're not beer fans, that didn't appeal to us. But also, here on the west coast, we can get Kona Brewery beers in the stores and on tap in some places...


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