Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Fun

It’s been a strange couple of weeks here in San Diego.  First we thought fall weather was finally here as it got cooler.  Then it got really hot again, like 100 degrees hot.

On Sept 25th I officially joined the ranks of iPhone 6 users.  I upgraded from the iPhone 4S and it is quite a bit bigger!  I got the gold 64GB one.  So far so good and I love it. 

20140925-2014-09-25 09.58.17_blog

On Friday 9/26 we went to dinner at Phil’s BBQ before a show.  We hadn’t been to Phil’s in a while, so it was very exciting, lol.  Todd always gets the El Toro sandwich.

20140926-2014-09-26 17.58.55_blog

I always get the ribless dinner with fries and we share the fries.  It really is a ridiculous amount of fries.  Always sad to leave some fries behind!

20140926-2014-09-26 17.58.58_blog

After dinner we went to the Moonlight Amphitheater in Vista to see the musical “Catch Me If You Can”.  It was our first time there and it turned out fantastic!

20140926-2014-09-26 19.03.09_blog

We got $30 lawn seats.  They give you lawn chairs and we brought a blanket.  The night turned cool and we were glad we had our blanket with us! 

20140926-2014-09-26 19.07.49_blog

The show was awesome.  Lots of great music and dancing.  We already knew the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr from the book and the movie, but the musical was really cool. 

On Sunday 9/28 we went running at the coast.  I hadn’t been running in two weeks, but I ran over four miles and it was pretty easy due to the cool weather.

20140928-2014-09-28 10.34.18_blog

After the run, we stopped by Zumbar to get a latte. 

20140928-2014-09-28 10.20.08_blog

20140928-2014-09-28 10.19.05_blog

It’s our favorite latte in all of San Diego.  So smooth that no added sugar was necessary!

20140928-2014-09-28 10.25.19_blog

On Monday 9/29 I got to have lunch with a bunch of ex-coworkers.  It was a reunion and it was so much fun to catch up with everyone.  We went to the Olive Garden.

20140929-2014-09-29 12.44.02_blog

This past weekend I scrapbooked a LOT.  I had to finish all my assignments for Citrus Twist Kits.  Then I started on Project Life.  Almost done with July. 

20141005-2014-10-05 11.01.03-1_blog

I’ve had to scrapbook downstairs with a makeshift table the last two months due to my upstairs craft room being too hot.  I really hope it cools down soon around here.

Yesterday 10/5 AJ & Meera invited us to their house to watch the Chargers vs. Jets game.  Meera made Korean marinated steak tacos and they were SO delicious!

20141005-2014-10-05 14.04.17_blog

Meera putting the sriracha mayo on her tacos.

20141005-2014-10-05 14.04.30_blog

Todd and AJ, football buddies.

20141005-2014-10-05 15.01.33_blog

Todd made Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies and everyone loved them.

Last night I made these Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats.  We ate them this morning.  I like it but I think the texture is slightly strange, and that it’s cold.  I may try the mix on steel cut oats and heat it up and see if I like it more.

20141005-2014-10-05 19.41.35_blog

We enjoyed a lot of college football this past Saturday!  So many upsets!  But our Buckeyes won, they beat Maryland, playing in the Big 10 conference for the first time. 

I put a piece of tissue paper on the ground and the next minute this happened, lol.

20140927-2014-09-27 10.17.25_blog

Noodle has rekindled his love of this chair.  He’s been found there quite a lot lately.

20140927-2014-09-27 15.12.12_blog

But most ridiculously cute was when I found him in the papasan chair with the sock monkey.  I did not put the sock monkey next to him.  He crawled in and wedged himself like that.  I feel a scrapbook page coming soon with this photo!


I got a fun invitation to be a guest designer in November for a scrapbook company that I consider a dream gig.  I was so excited.  Can’t wait to share more with you in November!  :)


  1. So fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the pic's. Especially the Noodle "sock taking".Can't wait to see what's brewing in November.

  3. The pumpkin overnight oats sound yummy! I've made plain overnight oats before and I get the sensation that I'm eating soggy cereal. Not bad, but weird and not how I think of oatmeal.


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