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This past Friday (8/8) I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Miriam again, after 28 years!  Miriam contacted me earlier in the week and said her family will be in San Diego.  We met up for a Friday night dinner at Buca Di Beppo downtown.  I haven’t seen Miriam since we were teenagers!  We were in the same church youthgroup, and were in the same middle school and high school until she moved. 

Our reunion wasn’t awkward at all.  Miriam is so friendly and sweet.  We chatted like old friends.  It’s strange to think that up until now, I really didn’t know her as an adult! 

I got to meet her husband, her MIL, her grandma-in-law, and her two sweet girls.


Todd went too.  All of us shared a Colossal Brownie Sundae and of course Todd had to ham it up!

20140808-2014-08-08 20.29.44_blog

This past Wednesday we had dinner with Dejah & Roby at Siam Nara.  We hadn’t seen them in a while so we wanted to get together.

20140806-2014-08-06 19.23.43_blog

But also because we wanted to share our HALL Eighteen Seventy-Three 2011 cabernet with them.  This is the bottle we bought when we were up in Napa in July at the HALL Rutherford tasting


We shared the wine & the spring rolls.

20140806-2014-08-06 19.12.30_blog

Todd had the Pla Neung Manow:  Fillet fish seasoned with fresh lime juice, garlic, and cilantro steamed in lemongrass, ginger, and chilies.  He loved it.

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I had Pad Khing Fish:  Steamed sh llet, topped with sautéed vegetables in a delicate ginger sauce.  Yum!

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It was a fun night of good food and good conversation.

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On Monday Todd & I started a new fitness program.  We started the P90X3 workout regimen.  So far after six days (today is rest day), I have sore muscles but really enjoy the workouts a lot.  It’s not boring and every day is different.  Plus, it’s only 30 minutes, which I really like.  We did P90X last year and it was at least 60 minutes for every workout.  Who has that much time in the mornings??!  P90X3 is more efficient!

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Todd finished another puzzle!  He said this one was easy because of all the words and color blocks.

20140804-2014-08-04 19.16.31_blog

On Tuesday night we went to the Jazz 88 concert at San Diego City College downtown to see Hot Club of Detroit.  They are a gypsy jazz band that Todd loves.  He was so excited when he found out he could get free tickets to the show as a member of Jazz 88! 

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In the last month we have been overdosing on awesome organic cherries from Costco!  We have bought so many big huge clamshells of them.  We eat them every day.  I love cherries and try to take advantage when they’re in season!


Apparently Noodle loves cherries too.  But he only like to bite the stems.


Speaking of Noodle, he has renewed his love of the papasan chair again. 

20140805-2014-08-05 17.33.21-1_blog

It’s so funny to walk around the corner and see his head peeking up from the papasan!

20140806-2014-08-06 17.38.40_blog

Noodle hanging out with Todd on the couch.

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I cleaned up my craft desk this morning.  Because it looked like this.  I can’t start a new project if my desk is this messy.  This was the aftermath of June Project Life pages.  Now everything is in its place and I’m happy.

20140810-2014-08-10 06.47.12-1_blog

I know it’s still summer, but football is starting already!  Thursday night was the first pre-season game for the San Diego Chargers.  Last night was the Cleveland Browns game.  Todd was so ready to see Johnny Manziel in action!  We are looking forward to more football, that’s for sure!

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Today we went to check out Napizza for lunch.  We had never been and had read good reviews of them.  Todd had a “Spice Me Up’ slice and a House Salad.

20140810-2014-08-10 13.10.51_blog

20140810-2014-08-10 13.10.56_blog

I had a slice of Bolognese and broccoli garbanzo bean soup.

20140810-2014-08-10 13.10.35_blog

We liked it!  The pizza crust is very different than what we’re used to (we usually eat New York, New Haven, or Sicilian-style thin crust).  But the flavors and variety at Napizza was impressive, and all very fresh.

That’s it for this week.  I wrote a Project Life process post for this Tuesday, so stayed tuned for that.  And don’t forget to apply for the One Little Bird Pocket Page team.  The deadline for applying is this Friday 8/15!

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  1. I believe I ate 1/10th of that dessert. It's a little surprising I could hold up that big spoon after all of our workouts!


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