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Wed 12/18: Iao Valley + Magic Show

Got up at almost 8:30am!  Totally slept like 10 hours, lol.  Yay!  Walked over to the Farmers Market in Honokawai.


They have a tent outside from 7-11am, plus more stuff inside the market.  We bought 4 papayas, red pepper hummus, chips, banana bread, and chocolate.  Then we stopped inside the Bad Ass Coffee in the same plaza and got Kona coffee (light roast) for me and a latte for Todd.  I love Kona coffee!


Sans makeup.  Don’t judge.  Sometimes that’s how I roll on vacation, lol.  Banana bread and coffee!


We went across the street to the beach park and sat for a little while, finishing our drinks.  Then we walked back to the resort.  We planned out the rest of the day.  Then we left around lunch time and headed to Foodland Farms.


Yelpers say they have the best ahi poke around, so we had to try it!  We bought 1/2 lb of spicy poke and 1/2 lb of shoyu poke.


It was a little bit too much food for both of us, we had to leave some behind.  But they were both very good!  They also had Bubbie’s mochi ice cream there!  Bubbies was one of our favorite discoveries in Oahu in 2011


2013-12-18 13.09.09_600

Strawberry chocolate, yum!

2013-12-18 13.11.41_600

After lunch, we headed towards the Iao Valley to the state park to check out the Iao Needle.  The drive there was pretty.  


We paid the $5 to park.  If you’re a Hawaii resident, it’s free.


Upon arrival, we both had to use the restroom.  Unfortunately, their real restrooms were closed for repair.  Todd went into a porta-pottie and scouted it out for me.  I normally won’t go into one.  But he claimed the first gray one from the right was decent, so I went.  He was right.  I’m thankful for a husband who scouts out porta-potties for me!  Then we hiked up to check out the Iao Needle.  Everything was so lush and green in the valley.






It was really cool, and there were waterfalls and greenery.  We hiked up and down all the trails to check the area out.





Looking back down to the parking lot and through the valley to the ocean.






Then we left to go to Home Maid Bakery.  We had seen in Sunset Magazine that this place is a must check out for malasadas.


Unfortunately we got there around 3pm and they only serve malasadas from 5-10 and 4-10.  So we bought an apple turnover and two refrigerated custard-filled malasadas.  Ate the malasadas and they were excellent!

2013-12-18 15.06.22_600

After that we headed back to the Lahaina area and parked on Dickenson street.  We walked on Front St and checked out some stores.


We checked out the giant bunyan tree in Lahaina.  Apparently all these branches are from the same tree!




Went into the Life Is Good store and Todd bought a t-shirt.  View of Front Street.


Panoramic photo from the Front Street bridge.


My name is Forrest Gump.  People call me Forrest Gump.


We got our photo taken in front of Longhi's, where we ate on our honeymoon 19.5 years ago!  The reason this is memorable is because we sat next to an open window, and some guy walked by and stole Todd’s bread off his plate!


We walked to the Lahaina Outlet Mall to check it out.  On the way back to the car, we saw a HUGE rainbow!


Then it was time for dinner at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers


Todd had the Western Burger, because he always loves the onion rings and BBQ sauce.


I had the smallest Teriyaki Burger they had.

2013-12-18 17.31.04_600

We shared a large fry.  The food there was good!  They had Coke Zero there, which made Todd happy.


After dinner we drove back to the outlet mall off Front St and parked.  Then we went to check out Hilo Hattie and bought Annie a t-shirt.  Then we went into Warren & Annabelle's for pre-show.  Their magic show was Todd’s favorite when we went in 2006, so it was the first thing we booked when we were in Oahu and was stuck at the Turtle Bay Resort because of the rain storm.



We shared the Pot de Creme chocolate dessert and it was very good!


Annabelle’s Parlor was full of guests.  There’s Annabelle playing a requested song.  (Supposedly she’s a ghost so you can’t see her.)


Then we went into the show.  Warren's slight of hand magic tricks were unbelievable!  Plus he was very funny and entertaining.


Todd loves magic shows and this one is definitely awesome.  We loved it last time in 2006 and we loved it this time.  As Todd said, “The show was just as great as I remembered it.  There were four couples seated up front, I assume they were asked if they didn't mind, and they were picked on for much of the show.  The were named Opie, Goober, etc.  Super fun time, I wish there was more magic to see in the world.”

After the show we drove back to the condo.  We ate some papaya and some hummus with chips.  Watched some TV and relaxed for the night.


  1. OMG, I feel like I am reliving our November Maui trip. It's so fun to see your photos and read your narratives. When we were there in early November they were still working on the Lahiana Outlets. We liked going to Foodland Farms and we also ate at Teddy's Burgers. TFS.

  2. Christine, I'm so glad your posting regularly on your blog again. I love seeing all your travels and crafty photos. Maui is beautiful and it seems like you fit in a lot. Hom

    1. Oops Home Maid bakery is also know by locals for their manju

  3. You know it is a good day when Todd gets his Coke Zero. LOL

  4. Random question. Is your purse LeSport Sac? I love it!


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