Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rad Lab On Sale + a Video Overview

Back at the end of November, on Black Friday, I bought the Rad Lab photo-editing filters from Totally Rad.  I had downloaded the fully-functional trial version and fell in love with it, so I had to buy it while it was on sale.

I was using Rad Lab from inside Photoshop. I loved the results, but my entire photo workflow is inside Lightroom. I wished that I could use Rad Lab filters from within Lightroom. After some research, I realized that I TOTALLY CAN use Rad Lab from within Lightroom! It was as if the heavens opened and the angels blew their trumpets. Ok, it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but almost!

Now I use Rad Lab filters from within Lightroom all the time for photos on my blog and scrapbooking photos. I even talked about it the last time I was on The Digi Show podcast! I guess it’s one of my favorite “quick and dirty” tricks, ha ha!

The awesome news is, right now Totally Rad is having a HUGE SALE!

That means you can pick up Rad Lab for only $99 right now, versus the regular price of $149! I can’t tell you how much Rad Lab has changed my photo-editing and workflow, and how easy it is to use it. 

Oh wait, I can!  I created this video to show you my workflow from Lightroom. I also show you all the different filters available, and also how to save your own recipes!

Here’s my “before” photo from the video:

And here’s the after:

I love the ease of editing photos with Rad Lab, I think you will too! Rad Lab also works from within Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, if you don’t have Lightroom. You can take a look at the technical specifications here.

I’m not sure how long the sale will be for, so if you have some money saved up, right now is a great time to pick up Rad Lab! :)


  1. Thanks Christine I was wavering in this until I saw your video. Now wavering on project life and silhouette being featured on HSN on Monday or Sunday at 9pm for us...... I need to win the lotto. :)

    1. Angela - I'm interested in checking out Project Life on HSN tomorrow night at 9pm our time too! I want to see how good the deal will be! :)

  2. Will totally rad work if you don't shoot in RAW? I bought the Lightroom presets from rad lab after hearing about it on the digi show (before you let every one know totally rad works in Lightroom). To my dismay, the presets only work with RAW and I don't shoot in RAW. So I just wanted to do better research this time before I bought. Thanks for all you share - your posts are so informative!

    1. Please excuse the mix up between totally tad an rad lab - I can never get that right! I'm interested in buying Rad Lab.

    2. Rad Lab works with jpegs! I never shoot in RAW, only jpegs. Hope that helps!

  3. I just bought RadLab using some $$$ I had left over from my NYC trip last October ... LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks for the video tut & recipe!


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