Wednesday, September 29, 2010


How could it be almost October already?  This year has really flown by!

I was looking at my blog posts today and NOT to my surprise, I've posted less this year than last year. Last year I did the whole Project 365 thing and actually had 365 daily posts. When I think about that now, my head hurts. BUT I can't say that I don't love the byproduct of that, which is memories captured every day. I'm reminded of that today, when Todd emailed me a link of an entry I posted last year and said he loved it. He does that sometimes and it totally warms my heart that those daily moments and reflections were captured and that we can go back to read them and relive the good times.

I actually have a lot of different things going on right now in my life. Some project are surprises so I can't share on the blog yet. A lot of my posts lately have been about food and what/where we've been eating. It's been a mix of cooking at home and eating out. I think I need to share some new recipes of cooking stuff soon.

One reason I've not posted on my blog as much lately is because I've finally joined the Blackberry crowd. Yes, I finally got a smartphone. The thing really amazes me and is worth a blog post by itself, so I'll save it for that. But remember last September when I quit my cell phone plan and went to a pay-as-you-go phone? That phone itself cost me $48 up front, then it was pay as you go with no contract. Guess how much I spent on using that cell phone the whole entire year, up to about 3 weeks ago? $16. That means all together, with the phone itself, I spent $64 over the last twelve months on cell phone. Granted, since I got Google Voice, I hardly had a need for a cell phone since my number rings at home, at work, and on my mobile phone. But I think $16 for a year of service is hard to beat!

So, with all the money I saved over the last year, I bought a Blackberry and signed up for the $35/month unlimited text and data plan with 300 talk minutes with Virgin Mobile. Still no contract, yay! I haven't used a whole lot of the talk minutes, but it's nice to know they're there when I need them. But BOY have I used the unlimited text and data plan! With the Blackberry, I hardly ever need to be on the computer anymore. I can email, IM, check Facebook, Twitter, take photos and instantly upload them to Facebook and Twitter, play games, etc. That's why there's been less blog posts. The blog posts are important to me and that's definitely something that's staying around. BUT if you would like to see some more regular/random updates (sometimes with photos even), feel free to follow me on Twitter. Oh and I've added a Twitter updates module to the right side bar of this blog now too, so you can see my latest tweets.


  1. Awww the dreaded crackberry. I'm still trying to decide between the blackberry and the iphone. Not sure if I want to switch to AT&T and pay all the money for the iphone. I can get a blackberry with verizon and depending on which one it will either be free or $100.00. Much cheaper than the iphone. LOL I have a touch screen phone right now and I'm kind of tired of it so I'm leaning towards the Blackberry Bold.

  2. sounds like a good deal!
    Anyway - Hope you are not closing your blog here.... because I haven´t got Twitter


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