Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Whistle while I work

{Credits: blue background paper by Heather Ann Melzer; red paper by Holly McCaig; scallop paper template, swirl border, and flower brushes by Rhonna Farrer; blooming flowers by Ann Langpap. Fonts are AmalieScriptSSK and Angelina.}

I discovered Yahoo's Launch internet radio today. Listening to it streamed over the internet while I work. Singing along to soft pop. They even have some preset stations for "At Work", like "Film Scores", "Quiet Storm", "The Coffeehouse", "Chill Out", "Lite Office Music", etc. I like it, even if listening to "soft pop" makes me sound like an old folgy.


  1. Bob, in my old, old band used to call this kind of music "wimp rock." We had tapes that we played during breaks. There was the "jazz" tape, the "dinner" tape and the "wimp rock" tape.

  2. at least your work lets you stream music!

    My new job blocks IM, and even innocent 56k radio stations...come on..!


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