Friday, July 6, 2007

Scrappin' mojo is back!

{Credits: background solid paper by Holly McCaig; flower brush by
Jason Gaylor at Design Fruit; middle spirograph circles by me}

I feel like my scrappin' mojo is back! I haven't felt too creative in the last month, but the last few days I've done a bunch of digital layouts. I even made some layout templates for myself. I done good! ;-) The above is just some art that I call "Science and Nature". I'm still working on the photo book for our next door neighbors Fred & Annie. I've made 10 pages so far and I'm planning for it to be around 20 pages or so. Halfway there!

This morning I had a follow-up visit with my doctor's nurse practitioner at Sharp. I told her that I was doing well with the medication at 10 mg, so I didn't go up to the 20 mg dosage. She said that's great because you wanna take the least amount of medication that's effective. They still want to keep me on the medication for a while. They also want me to go back in 3 months and see how I'm doing. They also took my blood for fasting glucose and lipid (cholesterol) tests. Glucose because they took a non-fasting test last time and it came back kind of high. I don't have a family history of diabetes, I'm thin, and I exercise. So, just another test to make sure I don't have pre-diabetes. I hadn't had my cholesterol checked in 6 years, so I guess it's about time.

I really like the processes and the people at Sharp Rees-Stealy in RB. They are really customer-focused there! You hear the horror stories of not being treated like a person when you go to the doctor/hospital, or having to wait a long time to see anyone. I'm so pleased with the services there. When I went to urgent care, I waited maybe 5 minutes and I was seen! I've never had to wait long to see the doctor there either. Also, they just treat you so pleasantly there. The nurses are super-friendly and smile all the time. My doctor is attentive and answers questions, jokes, makes sure I understand everything. My nurse practitioner today went over everything with me, and made sure all my questions were answered. They actually treat you like a person and take time to listen to you. What a difference! The past two years I've had some pretty terrible experiences with doctors, from when Todd was ill for a few months, and when my mom had cancer. Those doctors were really bad. They had no bedside manner and treated you like a number instead of a person. They added to the stress of already being sick. Sharp is definitely doing something right!

Another happy thing is that the NEW ROAD by my house opened! It goes into Rancho Bernardo now, so I can get to work in 10 minutes via local streets! I've been waiting for this for over a year. The project had been delayed for several times, months at a time. FINALLY it's open! While I'm on the subject of roads being open... yet another happy thing is they've finally opened up Miramar Lake ALL the way around the 5 miles! It had been closed with a fence at the 4 mile mark ever since 9/11. Finally Scripps Ranch secured some funding to build a fence around the actual water reservoir, and now it's open all the way around again. So happy. I think I'll try to run the 5 miles sometime when it's not hot.

Guess what else cool is going on? Todd & I are having our photo session with Tara Whitney on Sunday! I can't wait, it should be fun, and I can't wait to see the photos. Go to her website and look at the general style she's done.


  1. Love Tara's style. Hope I get to see some of the pics

  2. you def have to post some pics when tara is done. that is so cool! i would love to get some pics with william but he always says, oh we can do that ourselves... but it hasn't happened in 10+ years!!! that goober. well, maybe seeing yours will motivate him. :)


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