Sunday, January 25, 2004

Also last night, we saw the movie "Torque" with Will Yun Lee in it. We met Will last year because he was in my cousin's movie "Face", and we had lunch with him and his parents, plus Peter Menseh, who was in "Tears of the Sun" with Bruce Willis. We've had several brushes with celebrity, plus many more sightings. So we decided to play the Six Degrees of Newman game, to see how many celebrities on our Babe & Hunk lists we can link to from the celebrities we know or have seen, in six degrees or less. *Me--->Breckin Meyer (saw him in TV taping of "Married To the Kellys", and stood in his parking space at CBS Studios)--->Alicia Silverstone (who was in "Clueless" with Breckin Meyer) *Me--->Matt LeBlanc (saw him at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at NBC Studios in Burbank) ---> Courtney Cox Arquette (also on "Friends") *Me--->Melissa Joan Hart (tried on and bought her clothes at "It's A Wrap" in Burbank) ---> Britney Spears (who guest starred on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch") *Me--->Will Yun Lee (met & had lunch with)--->Pierce Brosnan (with whom Will was in "Die Another Day")--->Michelle Yeoh (who was in "Tomorrow Never Dies" with Pierce) *Me--->Matt LeBlanc--->Courtney Cox Arquette--->Jenny McCarthy (in "Scream 3" with Courtney Cox Arquette) *Me--->James Marsters (met him in Santa Monica and got a picture with him)--->Seth Green (worked with James on "Buffy")--->Mike Myers (with Seth in "Austin Powers")---> Tia Carrere (with Mike Myers in "Wayne's World") *Me--->James Marsters--->Catherine Zeta Jones (with James in "House on Haunted Hill") --->Brad Pitt (with Catherine in "Sinbad")--->Jennifer Aniston (married to Brad) *Me--->George Takai (saw him eating at the Dayton Marriott Parmizziano restaurant)---> William Shatner (with George in "Star Trek")--->Heather Locklear (in "TJ Hooker" with William Shatner) *Me--->James Marsters--> Sarah Michelle Gellar (on "Buffy" with James) *Me--->Tony Swatton (met him at his shop "Sword & Stone" in Burbank)--->Orlando Bloom (Tony made the swords used in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" starring Orlando Bloom)--->Liv Tyler (in "Lord of the Rings" with Orlando) There! I was able to link to my list of 10 celebrity babes (see below) in SIX degrees or less, just based on celebrities I've met or seen in person!


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