Wednesday, April 3, 2019

High Tea at Marlene’s Tea and Cakes

My friend Anne treated me to high tea at Marlene’s Tea and Cakes for my birthday.  We went at 11 am on Friday, March 29th.  I had never been to any high teas before, so this was an exciting new experience that I was anticipating!  Thank you Anne for the incredible treat!

Anne made reservation ahead of time.  They have high tea seatings from 11-1 and then 2-4.  They have limited seating so a reservation is a must.  When we arrived, I was enthralled with the fresh floral decorations and classy ambiance.

We were given a tea selection menu and we picked a pot of Paris tea to share.  The description for the tea:  Fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot.   Oh man, it was so good! 

And how cute are the tea cups, creamer, and sugar cups?

Our tea came and I tried to do the pinky up but ended up with pinky down anyway!

I think Anne was better at it than me, ha ha.

Our first course was Hot Vichyssoise Soup with Puff Twist (Creamy potato and leek soup).  It was quite flavorful and delicious.

Then they brought out the three-tiered plates of awesomeness! 

The bottom tier was filled with little sandwiches and savory puff pastry and quiche.  There was:
  • Cucumber & Dill Sandwich – refreshing cucumber sandwich with dill
  • Mini-Beef Wellington – tender beef, with mushroom, in puff pastry
  • Blue Cheese Marscapone and Red Onion Confit Quiche – caramelized red onion quiche with Gorgonzola cheese
  • Chicken Pistou Sandwich – chicken salad with pistou, a mixture of garlic, basil, and olive oil
  • Nicoise Salad Sandwich – sandwich filled with tuna, egg, baby potato, haricot vert, and tomato

The second tier was filled with fruit and scones.  The strawberry & lemon scone was a cream scone with fresh strawberries, topped with lemon glaze.  It was very good!

The third tier was desserts and everything looked so pretty!  There were:
  • Kentucky Butter Crunch Cake – moist buttermilk cake soaked in cream cheese glaze, with almond & coconut crunch topping
  • Lemon Meringue Bar – luscious lemon bar topped with meringue
  • Brownie Cookies & Cream Trifle – dense brownie layered with Oreo crumbs and whipped cream
  • Vanilla Panna Cotta Tart – biscuit topped with smooth & creamy Italian custard

Anne doesn’t like chocolate (!) so I got to take a couple of the desserts home for Todd.  Everything was so exquisite and unique, and also delicious.  I really enjoyed my first high tea experience!  I’m so glad Anne invited me.  I really appreciate friends who take the initiative to make time to do something together.  As adults it seems hard to find time to see friends, but any time I can get together with a friend is truly appreciated!


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