Sunday, February 17, 2019

2018 Year-End Recap

I blinked and it’s two months later.  I’ve had good intentions of blogging.  I’ve even put it on my Google calendar.  But alas, time got away from me.  I will attempt to recap the end of 2018 in this post, and catch-up to present next week!

In early December, Todd played a Christmas concert with The Winters band at The Legacy Church in Tierrasanta.  He and the band practiced for a few weeks and the show was so good and so fun!


Todd even sang this year.


Which is actually not surprising, since he’s actually heading up an acapella singing group at work.  They performed both at work and as opening act at the Christmas concert.

20181205-2018-12-05 17.32.08_blog

20181201-2018-12-01 18.54.52_blog

And he’s the head of a chamber music group at work too.  So many clubs, so little time!

20181205-2018-12-05 16.32.37_blog

As usual I’m so very proud of all his music abilities, hard work practicing, and how great his shows are.  Considering music is not his full time job, or any paid job!

I helped Todd put together some hot cocoa packages to give away to his coworkers for Christmas.  So cute, right?

20181217-2018-12-17 08.24.11-2_blog

20181217-2018-12-17 09.10.28_blog

I had a ladies holiday luncheon with my ex-coworkers and it was so fun.  I put together some gift packages of my handcrafted candles, lotion, and salt scrub for everyone.20181208-2018-12-08 15.38.31_blog

20181218-2018-12-18 11.49.14_blog

We spent Christmas in our usual San Diego fashion:  at the beach!

20181224-2018-12-24 13.06.58_blog

Instead of snowmen, we have sandmen!

20181215-2018-12-15 12.32.22_blog

We had a night out of movies and dessert with AJ & Meera.  We saw Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Gindelwald, and had dessert at Baked Bear.  Blurry photo but great memories!

20181208-2018-12-08 22.48.44_blog

On Christmas Day we flew out to Orlando for a last minute trip to meet up with my sister Joyce and my nephew Andrew.  We went to Disney World Hollywood Studios the day after Christmas.

20181226-2018-12-26 09.48.56_blog

It was seriously so fun!  My favorite ride was the Slinky Dog rollercoaster.  We also went on Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

20181226-2018-12-26 17.25.56_blog

And we did meet & greets with Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, and BB-8!

20181226-2018-12-26 11.41.29_blog

20181226-2018-12-26 11.53.03-1_blog

20181226-2018-12-26 12.03.59_blog

We both got sick for about a week right after we got back from Orlando, so we started off the New Year down for the count.  We snuggled up and slept a lot.  And relaxed to get better.

20181228-2018-12-28 20.24.41_blog

It was a whirlwind holiday season!  My Pacifica Grace Studio Etsy shop did well for the holiday season.  I closed up shop on 12/21 for a break, after working really hard to make and fulfill orders for over a month.  I spent the end of the year being very thankful that I didn’t have to work at my corporate finance job for year-end.  For 25 years I always had to work between Christmas and New Years to “close the books” for year-end accounting!  I reveled in the fact that I didn’t have to do that this past holiday season. 

Come back soon for a catch-up post of 2019 so far!


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