Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What I’ve Been Up To + A New Venture

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Thank you so much for all your comments from my last blog post.  I was overwhelmed that anyone is still reading this blog, and that some of you took the time to comment so thoughtfully.  I appreciated it very much!

I meant to blog more often, but I was doing other things and got busy with a new venture.  I will talk about it towards the end of this post.  First a recap… each one of these things probably deserve their own post, but like I said, I got kind of busy in October.  Winking smile

Towards the end of September we went to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland!  I had gotten tickets back in July as a celebration of me leaving my job.  We had never been to this special event before.  It ran from mid-Sept to October 31st at Disneyland, on certain nights. 

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There were no lines on most rides during the party.  We got to trick or treat too.  There was special Halloween fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, and special Frightfully Fun Parade.  It was the most fun I’ve had in a long while!  I highly recommend going next year if you’re local to SoCal.

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We went to Ohio in mid-October to visit Todd’s family and to enjoy fall festivities.  We don’t have fall weather in San Diego in October, so I loved bundling up and doing fall things!

We went to the Castle Noel in Medina, the largest Christmas museum of its kind!  We saw one of the original Elf movie costumes there and we were so excited! 

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We went to a farm and picked out pumpkins, ate corn and apple cider, and went through a corn maze.

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We had a family pumpkin carving contest.


This was ours (Todd and I were a team).  It’s the Corpse Bride.

20181014-2018-10-13 18.18.39_blog

Whose pumpkin reigned supreme??

20181014-2018-10-13 18.22.52_blog

And we watched a Buckeye game together.

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Speaking of which, of course college football season started back in September.  We’ve been enjoying our football Saturdays!

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Todd did another triathlon!

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I went to the beach a couple of times.

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We hung out with friends.

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I finally finished all the Harry Potter books for the first time!  And saw all the movies!  I loved them!  I went to the library (OMG, freeeeee books!) and read books.

20181004-2018-10-04 13.57.25-1_blog

And I cooked meals. 

Instant Pot Chili Mac

20181016-2018-10-16 18.19.25_blog

Thai Green Curry Tofu with Bok Choy

20181017-2018-10-17 18.02.18_blog

Chicken Enchiladas

20181018-2018-10-18 18.08.31_blog

Chicken and Dumplings

20181024-2018-10-24 18.07.41_blog

Let’s see, what else have I been up to?

I’m launching my own business!!!  For the last month I’ve been setting up my business, getting permits, product testing, scent designing, designing labels, branding, graphics, making test products, concepting out product photography, etc.  It’s taken me full time working every day.

20181023-2018-10-23 20.08.58_blog

Can you guess what my new business is?

20181026-2018-10-26 15.18.36_blog

20181026-2018-10-26 15.23.10_blog

20181026-2018-10-26 15.25.48_blog

20181026-2018-10-26 16.39.46_blog

I am opening a new Etsy store to sell handmade soy candles and wax melts!  I’ve name my store Pacifica Grace Studio.  It’s a name that really means a lot to me.  I will talk about it in a separate post.

Store will be here on Etsy.  You can follow on Facebook and Instagram too!  There just may be launch special coupon codes on social media! 

I’m aiming to launch on Thursday, November 15th.  Obviously that’s only 8 days away and I have so much to do before then.  But stay tuned to the blog or follow on social media for any updates on launch date and special coupon discounts for followers.

So that’s what I’ve been up to for the last two months since leaving work.  Winking smile


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